Getting Ready for Baby

I’ve made some progress over the last couple of weeks on getting ready for the baby. From getting some baby jammies to organizes different spaces in the house, I’m slowly making headway. I went into the attic (much to Big Luke’s dismay . . . he doesn’t think this is a good pregnant lady activity) and found the small amount of baby boy clothes that I had saved. They’re so precious. I can’t believe I will be having another little guy.


This will be my third little man to come home in this outfit. Who knew that would be the case when I bought it 7 years ago.

My SIL passes down all of her little girl clothes. I found these little treasures in the attic for Elle. They haven’t been laundered yet so they’re wrinkly. There are about 15 more like this in every size! Aren’t they sweet?

 I bought this swing second hand. I love that it’s so small and can easily be moved around. All of the kids have been trying to swing in it!

I did a trade with a friend for some baby clothing. I also purchased a few things second hand. I’m hoping to be done with the majority of my spring/summer clothing purchases for all the kids, with the exception of a couple pairs of flip flops. I got all these clothes for under $100 at Once Upon a Child.

Look at these dresses for Elle!



I’ve made progress on organizing clothing and Elle’s closet. There were mounds of random clothing taking over her closet. I threw away a huge trash bag full of holey and stained clothing . . . not sure why I was hanging onto that stuff in the first place. Then I organized the clothing into 4 bins – summer consignment (that bin is empty now, I’ve traded, sold or donated that bin), fall consignment, keep for new baby and upcoming season (I’ve emptied this bin of summer stuff and will start refilling it with fall stuff that we can wear again next fall). Having two boys so close in age, I have lots that can be handed down every season. For now these bins are just sitting on the floor in E’s room . . . they’re either going into the attic or back into the closet.

There is always a period of time after a new baby comes when things that aren’t immediate, get put on the back burner. I’ve had some things on the back burner for awhile now, since before and after Elle’s birth. I’m trying to knock some of them out. I purchased some things for the house that have been needed. For example, we haven’t had a towel bar in the kids bathroom for about a year! Towels end up hanging from door knobs and doors all over the house. The light in our bedroom has been broken for about 2 years, we rely solely on lamps. Now I just need to scrape those popcorn ceilings . . . one day:)


I organized the kids bathroom drawer (it really is the littlest things that make the biggest difference sometimes!). I’m hoping to not have toothbrushes and paste laying on the counter at all times. Tip: I purchased these little clear bins at Bed, Bath Beyond. I found them in the kitchen section where they were half price from the bathroom section.

The works continues but I am feeling pretty good about the progress so far!


Don’t forget to be courageous this week! If you need some inspiration, check out Tim Ferriss podcast with Brene Brown. Happy Monday!



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