As you scroll down the page, you can see my favorites from past seasons – last spring and summer and back to school 2016. I would remove them but they are still favorites of mine!

April 2017

Spring. So many goodies . . . good thing I am pregnant or I would be having to restrain myself from a serious shopping spree. Here are a few loves for spring . . .


March 2017

As we have had a rush of cold weather this last week, it got me thinking about some of my winter favorites. These kids jackets are THE BEST. I have been getting these for my kids since they were babies. I buy a new one every time they outgrow them. They are overkill for some days but perfect for the coldest days here. I know my kids are warm in this coat. I would rather purchase one good jacket than have multiple jackets for different temperatures. These also have great re-sell value. I have sold a few on ebay.

Patagonia Reversible Puff Ball Jacket– It’s insulated with a synthetic material that radiates warmth. It’s also reversible so if you get it dirty, just reverse it until you have a chance to wash it! I’m linking to Patagonia’s website but you can also find these at local retailers.

Here are mine and Luke’s favorite and warmest coats:

The Patagonia Tres Parka for women on the left is a three-in-one jacket. The outer shell is waterproof. It’s so nice looking – no big logos, no weird stitching or details. The hood is removable. The inner jacket is down and it’s so warm. I usually wear this by itself. It’s longer too so it covers your behind. I’ve had this for a few years and it’s my go-to for cold days. The Men’s jacket is the Patagonia Insulated Better Sweater Hoody. It’s fleece on the outside that looks like a sweater with synthetic insulation on the outside. Love this thing. It’s super cozy.

Goodies January 2017

Here are some general favorites that I’ve gotten over the last 4 months or so. They are random but fun. I hope you like!

Scout Bag – I am obsessed with Scout. They are a local company that really makes the greatest stuff. I got this bag for an overnight bag for Elle, I was tired of using reusable shopping bags. I have ended up using it a ton for trips to the park, birthday parties, etc. It holds snacks, water bottles, diapers and change of clothes for everyone. It would even hold a couple of beach towels making it good for a quick trip to the beach. You can buy these online through their website. If you sign up to join their mailing list, they will email you a coupon. I purchased mine locally at The Embroidery Boutique in South Windemere. I ordered the pink for Elle but I want to get the navy for myself! Click image for details.


I really want this cooler too! We have large coolers for on the boat but could use a smaller one for the beach, pool, park, etc.


Carver Skateboards – my kids and my husband love these. If you are a skateboarder or have a child who wants to be one, apparently these are a must have.



Back to School Goodies


I found a great little shop on ETSY where you pick your lunch box and then monogram it for $17.


These Lunchbots are amazing. They don’t hold any food smells or residues and they are dishwasher safe. Ours are three years old and in perfect condition other than a few scratches.


I love these kids Patagonia Backpacks.  I had it monogramed by Holy City Monograms on James Island. Chelsea works out of her house and has done a few other projects for me. She does great work and it’s the same price or less than taking it to an embroidery shop. Fleet and Luke have carried the same backpack for three years now and other than being a little dirty, they’re like new. I popped them in the bathtub before school and soaked and scrubbed them and they look almost new! Here is the boys color this year, which I love. Too bad we didn’t need a new one for the boys!




Beach & Picnic Blanket, Beach  Tote, Kids Lifejacket



Beach Tote, Beach Blanket, Water bottle, Sandals

Freefly t-shirt, Freefly shorts, Olukai Flops