Meal Prep ~ Freezer Session 3 ~ Tuscan Pasta

Continuing to get ready for baby by prepping freezer meals!

I’m not too creative in the dinner prep department. I am a huge fan of Pinterest when it comes to inspiration. I found a link to 20 freezer meals that have several appealing options. Last week I tried out Tuscan Pasta. It was a keeper! All of the kids had second servings.

Here is the link to 20 Freezer Meals.

Here is the link to 20 Minute Tuscan Pasta. I doubled the recipe so that we could have one for dinner and one for the freezer.

A couple notes about the dish.

  • It would be a great vegetarian dish. I added some chicken to it but think I would have preferred to just have a ton more veggies. Asparagus, red pepper and onions would be yummy additions.
  • I added broccoli.
  • I think it’d be delicious with sun dried tomatoes, but I’m the only one who likes them so I used cherry tomatoes.
  • It took longer than 20 minutes but was still fairly quick and simple.


Right after adding the cream cheese.


After adding the milk and parmesan cheese.

After it thickened, I poured the sauce over the noodles and tossed them together in a large bowl.



Anyone have any good freezer meal recommendations?


If this quote is true than I am golden! Ha!


Let me know your thoughts

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