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Thank You

My daughter is the “thank you” master. This girl says thank you (or “Tan To”), non-stop. She thanks you for changing her diaper, putting on her clothes, getting her food. It’s amazing. I literally want to eat her up every time she says it. Really, I should be thanking her and the GOOD LORD above for the miracle that is my little Elle Belle.

I would like to take a minute to say a quick THANK YOU to everyone who is reading my blog and for all the positive feedback. I feel like I take a leap of faith every time I hit the “POST” button (talk about vulnerability!). Yesterday I had about 5 people tell me how much they have enjoyed reading. That is so affirming. Thank you for reading and also for letting me know you enjoy it.

This blog has been a labor of love and a kind of grass roots effort. I’ve been working hard over the last month to post regularly, write compelling articles and spread the word about the blog. I’ve managed to more than double my traffic for the month and am hoping to continue this growth. If you are ever compelled; I’d love for you to share a post, comment or give me any feedback at all.

I intend for this to be a place of comfort and inspiration for other moms and human beings in general. I hope that by being real and talking about what is really going on in our lives, I’m relating to you.


Today Fleet has been trying to play April Fools jokes on me. He’s gotten me a couple of times. He tricked me that there was a robin outside my window this morning . . . there wasn’t . . . such a sweet little April Fools joke, right? We’re working on a good one for his Dad when he gets home.

If there are any topics that you are interested in or questions you’d like to ask me, please comment below or email me at

Happy Saturday! It’s gorgeous here in Charleston today.





2 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. When Elle spent the night the other day; at bedtime we thanked God for all her family. Then with her little hands together in prayer, she said more Gigi more; so we continued thanking God for other people, more Gigi more, His universe, more Gigi more, toys, more Gigi more……. It was awesome. Thank you, Lord for precious, Elizabeth Ada!


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