Here are some of my favorite places/things to do. This list is ever evolving so check back!

Last updated 4/17/2017

Charleston Area

Strawberry Picking at Ambrose Family Farms

This is one of my top favorite spring time activities. For all the details, pictures and our most recent visit click here.


Middleton Place

Tour the plantation, gardens and zoo! This spot is gorgeous and kid friendly. They have some neat animals and some of them are just roaming around the property. Head over and do a kayak tour with Luke if you have time! Check out this video too!


Sunrise Park

This is a hidden gem on James Island. They recently built a huge dock but before then, no one really knew about this park. It’s right on the Charleston harbor and nestled in the back of a neighborhood. It’s less than a mile from our house so we head over regularly to swim and hunt for shark’s teeth. Check out this view . . .


Morris Island

Morris Island is only accessible by boat – kayak or power boat. But its remarkable. There are no homes or structures on the island, just birds, shells, sand and history. It just might be my happy place. It’s the perfect place to go to avoid the crowds at almost every beach in Charleston. You can swim in the ocean or the tidal creeks. We usually head to the south end of the island, closest to Folly Beach. From what I hear this end is quieter than the north end and that suits me just fine. This is where we usually go for family boat days.

Riverdog Games at the Joe Riley Stadium

I love the camaraderie around live sporting events. The Riverdog games are family friendly and run a lot of fun promotions like superhero night and dog days. Most nights they cater to kids and have entertaining music and silly contests to keep them entertained. They also have fireworks after the games on Fridays. There are fun areas to hang out if you have kids. Read my blog about the games here. The stadium is right on the Ashley River. It’s a beautiful setting.


Children’s Museum of the Lowcountry

This place is amazing. It has about 5 large rooms plus a craft room and a birthday room. Each room has a different activity; large ship, castle, water room, lego room and a baby/toddler room. My kids LOVE it. It is truly all about kids and there is something for everyone.


South Carolina Aquarium

I have always loved aquariums. I could sit at a fish tank and watch them swim for hours. It’s so peaceful. My kids love it too but they sit and watch for about 8 seconds! The SC Aquarium is a great spot for kids and adults! They have an albino alligator, a bald eagle, sharks and tons of other birds and fish. They have eels which are disgusting but I can’t look away. Volunteers are often walking around holding different animals that you can touch and they will tell you about them. On our last visit we got to touch a baby alligator and a turtle. Plus they have a touch tank with sting rays, horseshoe crabs and lots of other little creatures. I highly recommend visiting!


Charlestowne Landing

This is a state historic site that boasts history as well as a zoo and tons of beautiful scenery. There is lots to do here with kids.

Photo credits: Charlestowne Landing site. Replica of a 17th century sailing vessel that you can explore. Black bears are one of the animals in the zoo area. Luke and I on board the ship.


This skate park opened in March 2017. It’s pretty amazing and very family friendly. See full post about it here.

The following are a few of my favorites in the Western NC Mountains

Grandfather Mountain

There are some hardcore hikes over this mountain, as well as a mile high swinging bridge (it’s a little terrifying!) and a zoo. The hardcore hikes include ladders, rope ladders, a spring and tons of amazing views. The zoo has bear, deer, otters, cougars and more. We’ve never seen the cougars but the bears and otters are very cool.

Hebron Rock Colony

Fantastic, accessible hike thats great for all age and skill levels. The first .5 miles of this 3 mile round trip hike are gravel and the rest is very easy. Once you get to the falls, you can just sit tight and enjoy the views or you can scamper all over the huge boulders.