Motherhood – The Loss and Emergence of You – Guest Post by Teya Foley

A truer sense of self is waiting for you.

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The Upside of Guilt

Guilt. It plagues parents. We feel guilty for everything. Holding our babies too much, not holding them enough, letting them eat junk food, not letting them eat junk food, asking for help, accepting help and the list goes on. I feel guilty that I don’t sit down and play with my kids enough. That their…… Continue reading The Upside of Guilt

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Getting Kids to Eat Veggies

I think it’s safe to say that most of us want our kids to eat veggies. Getting them to willingly do so, however, is a complicated and challenging process that can take years to accomplish. Here’s what I know about kids and veggies: Getting kids to eat veggies is usually easy at first (4-6month olds…… Continue reading Getting Kids to Eat Veggies


Meal Prep ~ Freezer Session 3 ~ Tuscan Pasta

Continuing to get ready for baby by prepping freezer meals! I’m not too creative in the dinner prep department. I am a huge fan of Pinterest when it comes to inspiration. I found a link to 20 freezer meals that have several appealing options. Last week I tried out Tuscan Pasta. It was a keeper!…… Continue reading Meal Prep ~ Freezer Session 3 ~ Tuscan Pasta


Getting Ready for Baby

I’ve made some progress over the last couple of weeks on getting ready for the baby. From getting some baby jammies to organizes different spaces in the house, I’m slowly making headway. I went into the attic (much to Big Luke’s dismay . . . he doesn’t think this is a good pregnant lady activity)…… Continue reading Getting Ready for Baby

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Thank You

My daughter is the “thank you” master. This girl says thank you (or “Tan To”), non-stop. She thanks you for changing her diaper, putting on her clothes, getting her food. It’s amazing. I literally want to eat her up every time she says it. Really, I should be thanking her and the GOOD LORD above…… Continue reading Thank You

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Easter Basket Goodies (that aren’t candy)

In the interest of full disclosure, my kid’s Easter baskets will not be candy free. That’d be cruel. But I do try to make it not all about the candy.