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Easter weekend was action packed. This post is mostly pictures! I left my computer cord in Columbia and have felt like I am missing a limb the last couple of days. I’ve gotten to where I just have this deep rooted desire/need to write. Anyway, here’s a look at Easter with the crew. The kids…… Continue reading Easter

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Spring Break Shenanigans

Spring break has been a lot of fun this year. It started off with a bang as the kids spent the first weekend in Augusta with Luke’s dad and Natalie. All reports were that they had a great time, slept well and for the most part were on their best behavior. I spent Saturday and…… Continue reading Spring Break Shenanigans


Strawberry Picking at Ambrose Family Farms

One of my favorite things to do every spring is pick strawberries. We have been going to Ambrose Family Farms since before the kids were born. I’ve missed a year or two but it’s a tradition that I love so I try to go once a season. I’ve had good years and bad years as…… Continue reading Strawberry Picking at Ambrose Family Farms

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Easter Basket Goodies (that aren’t candy)

In the interest of full disclosure, my kid’s Easter baskets will not be candy free. That’d be cruel. But I do try to make it not all about the candy.