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The Top 10 of Pregnancy

The best and the worst about this miraculous time!

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Breastfeeding Perfection

I had a conversation with a friend last week that has been weighing heavily on my heart. She said something a long the lines of, “I’ll take care of your baby anytime, as long as I don’t have to breastfeed him.” She went on to say that after reading my post about guilt (here) maybe…… Continue reading Breastfeeding Perfection

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Breast and Vagina Care Post Delivery

*Warning graphic language and details . . . like the truth of what really happens when you have a baby. It ain’t all glitter and rainbows folks!*

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Meal Prep ~ Freezer Session 1 ~ Lasagna

I have big plans to prep and freeze a bunch of meals before the baby comes. Let’s face it, no one brings you meals when you’ve had your fourth baby . . . they’re like, “Geez, I’ve been bringing her meals for years!” HA! Meals that we have been super grateful for, by the way!…… Continue reading Meal Prep ~ Freezer Session 1 ~ Lasagna