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Breastfeeding Perfection

I had a conversation with a friend last week that has been weighing heavily on my heart. She said something a long the lines of, “I’ll take care of your baby anytime, as long as I don’t have to breastfeed him.” She went on to say that after reading my post about guilt (here) maybe…… Continue reading Breastfeeding Perfection

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The Upside of Guilt

Guilt. It plagues parents. We feel guilty for everything. Holding our babies too much, not holding them enough, letting them eat junk food, not letting them eat junk food, asking for help, accepting help and the list goes on. I feel guilty that I don’t sit down and play with my kids enough. That their…… Continue reading The Upside of Guilt

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Getting Kids to Eat Veggies

I think it’s safe to say that most of us want our kids to eat veggies. Getting them to willingly do so, however, is a complicated and challenging process that can take years to accomplish. Here’s what I know about kids and veggies: Getting kids to eat veggies is usually easy at first (4-6month olds…… Continue reading Getting Kids to Eat Veggies

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Easter Basket Goodies (that aren’t candy)

In the interest of full disclosure, my kid’s Easter baskets will not be candy free. That’d be cruel. But I do try to make it not all about the candy.

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Struggling with Our Morning Routine

I saw a Facebook thread recently from a mom who was struggling with her morning routine. As a newcomer to the Charleston area, she was asking if the 7:20 school start time was normal or if that was temporary. She said that the mornings are tough. Getting her kids to school this early was a…… Continue reading Struggling with Our Morning Routine


6 Daily Self Care Techniques for Mom (that can be done while the kids are around . . . say what?)

“So fight for you and your heart and the things you love to do. There is no guilt in cultivating you in motherhood. Ever.” -Unknown