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Spring Break Shenanigans

Spring break has been a lot of fun this year. It started off with a bang as the kids spent the first weekend in Augusta with Luke’s dad and Natalie. All reports were that they had a great time, slept well and for the most part were on their best behavior. I spent Saturday and Sunday doing projects . . . it was great. My mom came over on Saturday and helped me put up towel bars in the bathroom, a new toilet seat and a new bookshelf in Elle’s room. I felt so productive! I didn’t know how to do these bathroom projects – turns out they are pretty easy (unless you are trying to squeeze your humongous belly between a toilet and a wall!) but I wouldn’t have attempted them without her. Plus we never get to spend a day with just the two of us. Here are some pictures from the weekend.

Visiting Papa’s great uncle, Buster in Springfield.

Loving the new bookshelf. Do you think I should put baskets in the shelves or leave them as is?

This girl loves to talk about Mama, Daddy, Cece (Fleet) and Bubba (Luke). Love the way she says her name, with that little tongue sticking out. Plus you get to see a little attitude at the end!

I asked her to put her shoes in the basket. Instead I found them in my room right beside my shoes.

I also pressure washed the porch on Sunday and Monday. It’s probably not a great pregnant lady activity but it made me feel like a badass. While I know that my body is a total badass right now, I mostly feel large, uncomfortable and emotional. So if any of you pregnant ladies need a pick me up – I recommend grabbing a pressure washer and knocking some dirt off of your house. That sounds pretty pathetic, right?!

We have been trying to make it to Columbia to meet my friend Katie’s new baby, Conor. It finally worked out this week. He’s almost three months old and such a snuggler. I loved getting to cuddle with him, it did my soul good. The boys were amazing on this road trip. The last picture in the slideshow is of her son John who is about 1.5 yrs old . . . yes, she’s a busy lady.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

We ate at Andy’s Deli for lunch. Yum. The boys asked for the rocket sandwich . . . we normally get the astronaut. This is where Luke and I went on our first date, 20 years ago. That memory is so crystal clear for me. I can picture him sitting across from me, trying not to get sandwich all stuck in his braces. He was so human in this moment and I know that this is when I really started liking him. Which sounds so dorky but the day before I had just gotten my braces off and they added two big spikes behind my front teeth so we each had our thing. I can’t believe all that we’ve been through since that day. Who woulda known?!

We visited our cousins also for some turtle catching and lake exploring.

All of our parents were so amazing this week. The kids got to spend time with everyone and mama got a few breaks throughout the week. Big Luke has been slammed at work everyday which is great and makes the grandparent help even more appreciated! We are so lucky to have these fantastic people in our lives. Elle regularly asks about her grandparents and I love that she has gotten to bond with each of them.

Plus the weather this week . . .WOW.

Because I think all us mama’s should be keeping it real, here is a quick breakdown of the tough parts of the week. I spent Tuesday in the ER with pregnancy related stuff. All was fine but it was stressful. Thank goodness my MIL was in town because she took the boys so I didn’t have to drag them to the ER. I woke up Wednesday totally unprepared to handle my kids. I think the day before had drained me. My mom came over and could tell that I was about to lose it and offered to take the boys for a spend the night. HALLELUJAH. I felt a little guilty about this all day. We stayed up too late and woke up too early everyday so the boys had some breakdowns but that’s pretty standard on any given week.

Hope you had a great break . . . now back to the regularly scheduled programming!




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