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Life Lately

This post is mostly pictures but I’ve got some good ones!

We went to a friend’s 40th birthday recently. It wasn’t our first 40th of the year. I think that the days of all our friends getting married, then all our friends having babies has turned into all of our friends turning 40! The party was in the most beautiful spot on the back of James Island, right on Clark’s Sound. Look at the view!






It was Tutu’s (Luke’s mom) birthday and she came over for brunch on Sunday. It was the first time that the boys have been really interested in throwing a party. They spent several hours on Saturday making posters and decorating. It was really sweet. There is so much value in using your time and energy to do something meaningful for others. I was proud of them for wanting to do this and for finding joy in the process and sharing of their work.



Fleet set the table all by himself.

I posted on social media last week about Elle being sick. We spent the entire day in bed last Saturday. The boys played quietly all day long . . . it was AMAZING. I can’t believe that I got to snuggle this little gal all day. Fleet was sick on Tuesday and Luke’s been fighting something all week too.

He’s been so tired that he’s fallen asleep at unusual times. The doctor can’t find anything wrong with him so for now we are just waiting it out. Look at how sweet he is . . .

After missing two days of school, Fleet came home with 6 worksheets, front and back. It took us forever and we might have yelled at each other a couple times (I know, yelling doesn’t help). If he doesn’t do his homework, he misses recess. If we have a busy afternoon and forget homework, Fleet gets so upset. I think that the teacher shames kids who don’t do homework. It’s crazy to spend 7-8 hours a day at school and then come home and do more. Play . . . that’s what kids should do after school.


Her brother’s got new pads for skateboarding and she wanted to wear them too.

Fleet has been taking an engineering class after school. He’s mostly been learning about aerodynamics. This past week was hot air balloons.

Look at this lady. The gym clothes (and all other clothes!) are getting tight. 16 weeks to go . . .

INSPIRATION  – click underlined phrases for more details

I got to spend some time on Friday with one of my best friends.  I ended up spending about 6 hours with her and I left feeling ready to take on the world. I am always amazed that by giving part of my day to our friendship, I actually feel like I gain space in my life. Any time that I spend with her leaves me feeling refreshed and energized. I think that’s how real friendships make you feel. I highly encourage you to seek out these people and make time for them in your life.

I’ve been obsessed with podcasts lately. You can find one for just about any interest. There are two that I have been listening to a lot lately; Brilliant Business Moms and Blog Fuel. The first one has a lot of great tips for balancing business and motherhood as well as promoting your business. Blog Fuel is pretty blog specific but she touches on some of the same topics. I’ve started keeping a notebook with me so that I can jot down good ideas. I’m always ready to dive into a new project after listening to these ladies.

I’m obsessed with stationary, notebooks and journals. I’ve journaled since I was a little girl and have boxes of them that no one will ever want to read! There is nothing like a new notebook to inspire . .


I recently joined a Facebook group that I really like called Mommy Soul Tribe. Gervase Kolmos, who runs it is a certified life and leadership coach for moms. She has a website called Shiny. Happy. Human. What I like about her is that she is not interested in “parenting politics” . . . what’s better breast or bottle, natural or drug assisted childbirth, co-sleeping, etc. Her group is about supporting moms, no matter what. She gives a free “truth chat” on Wednesday nights via Facebook Live. This past week was about giving up the guilt when you can’t be super mom . . . after the two previous days I had had, this was good to listen to.

One of my employees has been working hard, studying for a job for the state department. He studies during his down time at work. I have never seen anyone work so hard for a job. It’s been really inspiring to witness. He found out this week that he got the job. Anyway, I snapped this picture of one of his flashcards. I need some parenting flashcards . . .



Have a great week!



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