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Life Lately

Prepare for a long and random one folks . . .


I had my 18 week check up a few months ago. I mentioned to my OB that I hadn’t been feeling well yet. Morning sickness normally subsides for me by about 15 weeks. She suggested that I stop taking my prenatal vitamin for a few days and see if that helps. I stopped for a few days and when I started taking it again, I immediately noticed a difference. About 30 minutes after taking it, I would feel nauseous and I wasn’t sleeping well.

I had recently switched my prenatal because the one that I was taking was expensive, $30 for a month supply. I switched to a Whole Foods brand that was around $13 for a month. I went to Whole Foods this week and one of the sales people was right there and educated me a little bit. The $13 one is mostly synthetic – the vitamins are made in a lab. The $30 one is from food, it’s natural. I bit the bullet and purchased the more expensive and it’s been so much better. As Luke says, $1 a day for healthy baby is a small price to pay. I’m thinking that $1 a day for a happy mama is a small price to pay!


The boys got to go bowling for the first time a couple weeks ago. A friend had a birthday party at The Alley. At first, they weren’t interested and then they ended up closing the place down! They were the last ones from the party still bowling.

The Alley is a great place to take your kids, especially on rainy days. In addition to bowling they have tons of arcade games including skee-ball and pac-man. The food is yummy too.

Presidents Day Beach Trip

We headed out on the boat for the first time in about 4 months on Presidents Day. It was a beautiful day on Kiawah. I dug a hole in the sand and took a nap on my belly which was a true luxury! Here are a few pics from the day.



Date Night – Sermets

We went to Sermets on James Island for a date night this weekend. Our kids spent the night with grandparents – thank you Gigi, Baba and Tutu! It was delicious. Seriously, I am so impressed and highly recommend it. We had the Scallop Ravioli, Seafood Buccatinni, Fried Okra and Chocolate Mousse Cake, all were amazing.

Random Pics

Here is what my kitchen looks like on a regular basis. I’d put a stop to it but they seemingly never tire of this activity. And big Luke wonders why the cabinets are always such a mess . . .

They walked all over the park like this. Lovers . . .



At dinner the other night, these two read books together. Fleet can pretty much read anything. They were being so sweet to one another.

I snapped a few selfies with these guys at the park yesterday. Of course, I couldn’t get everyone in one shot but here they are, my loves.

“Forever could never be long enough for me, to feel like I’ve had long enough with you.” Train

Ordinary as Money

We have movie night most Friday’s. We recently watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the newer one with Johnny Depp. There was a line in the movie that stood out to me. Charlie had just found a golden ticket. He tells his family that he is going to sell it since they are so poor. One of the grandparents says something along the lines of (not a direct quote), “Why would you sell it for something so ordinary as money? Everyone has money. They print more of it everyday. Only 5 people have a golden ticket.” . . . something so ordinary as money. Love this line.

A couple shows we’ve been loving lately

This is Us comes on Tuesdays at 9pm on NBC.


John Adams is about early America. You can watch it on HBO or Amazon prime. It’s a good reminder of how important our constitution is and the freedoms our ancestors fought so hard for. I’d like to read the book.


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Have a great weekend!



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