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Dirty little secret + Maternity Clothes

I’m going to tell you a secret . . .I am not a good housekeeper. GASP! I’ve given up on having a clean house and just go for “livable.” I try to dust, vacuum and clean the bathrooms once a week. If we are having guests over, I wipe down the toilet and sink. Laundry, the kitchen and picking up toys are daily tasks but even with all this, it’s amazing how out of control things get around here. I spent 4.5 hours cleaning yesterday because we were having friends over for dinner. If we didn’t have friends over, I might never clean like this. I mopped floors, magic erased walls and dusted picture frames and I still had to put blinders on so that I didn’t go crazy worrying about all the stuff that still needed to be cleaned. But alas, I could no longer ignore my kids.

I know this doesn’t surprise my parents, sorry guys but I’ve all but given up on having a clean house for you. The things is that if my house has to be clean for someone to come over, we would only have guests about twice a year.

More than being clean, I want my house to be welcoming and comfortable so I try not to get too bogged down by the mess. As my best friend once passed a long to me, “If someone notices that your baseboards are dirty, they are looking too close.” True.

Here are a few pictures of how amazing (not) my house looked after my morning of cleaning. My kids LOVE a clean house. It’s like a clean slate to make a big mess . . . I love these little people but it’s impossible to keep anything tidy around here.

About an hour before our friends arrived, Fleet kicked it into high gear and cleaned like a champ. He picked up every single mess pictured! Many of the messes he cleaned without being asked. It was amazing.

Here’s a list I put together for my next CMB post on some age appropriate chores. A lot could be added to this list but it’s a good start.


We had an awesome dance party on the table right before nap time. My kids love that song “Shut up and dance with me.” For a long time they bleeped out the “Shut up” because I had always told them that was not a nice thing to say and they weren’t allowed to say it. Elle especially loves to dance and starts moving anytime music comes on.


Here’s the video if you are interested.

I’ve been wanting to show you my favorite Christmas present, the most amazing pregnancy pillow ever. I wanted to take a picture of it on our bed so that you could see how big it is. We have a queen bed and poor Luke now gets about 1/4 of the bed, good thing he’s skinny. Ha! I am loving this thing, especially as I get further along and am no longer supposed to be sleeping on my back. I can prop myself up with this pillow and be really comfortable in a semi-reclined position. I highly recommend it. Here’s a link to the Leachco pillow.

I went to Greenville last week for a work trip. After work, I headed to Target to look for some clothes that fit. This belly is growing fast and it’s pretty depressing to have nothing to wear everyday. Here are a few things that I got. None of the tops are maternity specific. I sized up in everything and they are all longer, looser styles. Click the images for details.


I have worn this one the last three days. I bought a medium and it’s long enough that it will fit for awhile. And seriously, let the good times roll . . .


I love this one and might get it in another color too. It’s big and loose and might fit until the bitter end. It will also work post baby.


This fits good now but I will outgrow it in the next couple of months. But it’s cute and will fit post baby as well. It’s loose and forgiving which will be a huge bonus come July and August.


I have felt so much better since getting these things. Every morning was a struggle; trying on tons of clothes and being upset that nothing fit.

And I couldn’t resist these things for Elle. All I have to say is GIRL CLOTHES.

girls bathing suit targettoddler girl shoes target cat and jack






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