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Funny Files ~ Vol. 2

I’ve got some good ones for you this week! Plus a few funny things from friends.

Crazy – One of Fleet’s friends was over with her mom. She and Fleet were playing with Nerf guns. We have the rule that you cannot point or shoot the guns at anyone’s face. Well, Fleet was shot in the face and he lost it. He was certain it was on purpose and he cried uncontrollably. He had trouble calming down and eventually, the little girl started to get upset too. In an effort to comfort her, I said, “He’s just being a little bit dramatic, do you know what dramatic means?” She said, through tears in her saddest voice, “Yeah, it means he’s being cray-cray.” Pretty much!

Boys – Same friends, but their younger child who is 3.5. He came out of his room one night when we were over for dinner wearing a police uniform. I said, “Oh, look it’s a police officer.” He looked at me and in his sternest 3 year old voice said, “No, I’m the P0-Po.”

Luke’s Clothes – These are what Luke’s pants looked like after school one day this week. He’s SOOOO messy. I wish this were a one day thing but nope, he’s just a mess. I buy the largest size bottle of stain spray that I can find. Lately, I’ve taken to bringing the worst stuff to my dad because he can work miracles on stains.

They’re wrinkly from being balled up on the bathroom floor all night. But the mess, that’s just a day in the life of Luke. You should see the back!

And, he refuses to wear the shirt on the top because he “doesn’t like the color” but all of the other shirts are fine . . .

The Swamp– Many of you know that Luke owns a kayak company. This time of year he offers a really unique tour of the swamp at Middleton Place. This tour is seasonal and depends largely on getting enough rainfall to fill the swamp. The 5 of us went out there a few weeks ago after getting a call from the property manager saying water was leaking out through one of the sandbag walls that acts as a damn. It turns out that wild pigs had destroyed the wall so Luke rebuilt it while the rest of us played.

Fleet spent the night with my parents this past weekend. The TV was on and Donald Trump was talking about “draining the swamp.” Fleet runs into the kitchen and says, “Baba, did you hear that? My Daddy is going to be so upset!”

Koozie – I found this picture while cleaning out my phone this weekend. We call this the “Poor Man’s Koozie.” This was taken this summer but it could have been taken yesterday, the weather here has been so nice.

I’d love for you to share your story in the comments below! This motherhood business is tough, we could all use a good laugh. Check out my last post for a funny story about my nephew that was added.


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