Funny Files ~ Vol. I

I’m starting a new series on my blog today – Funny Files. There are so many hilarious and crazy things that go on around here everyday and these stories need to be shared. Let’s face it Moms; much of our day is spent on chores, homework and legos. My kids make me smile all the time with the funny things they say and do. Occasionally they drop a bomb that requires texting and phone calls between my husband and I and hence, the Funny Files are born.

We could all use more humor in our lives.

Here are my two funny stories for the week . . .

Boys. As a female, having sons (and a husband for that matter) is sometimes very strange.ย  The other night big Luke, Fleet and lil Luke were tightening their ab muscles and taking turns punching one other in the stomach. You won’t find women anywhere doing this. They were making intense faces and straining to keep those abs as tight as possible. This entertained them for quite a while. Eventually, Elle walks over and starts “punching” big Luke in the arm and then pointing to her stomach . . . she wanted to get punched too. Needless to say, mama intervened and declared manly hour to be over.

Boys and the bathroom. I debated about whether or not to post this one, it’s hilarious but totally inappropriate. The other day lil Luke came up to me and said, “Mommy, my butt itches and smell my fingers, they smell gross.” I had to explain that that smell was basically poop and that you don’t itch your bottom with your bare hand . . . but I said all this through tears of laughter.


I’d love for this series to grow into a community of sharing funny parenting stories. Post yours in the comments below so other moms can read and have a good laugh. If you have any friends that you think might be interested, share with them to! You can connect your friends through the social links below.

Also, if anyone has a better idea of what to call this series (Funny Files?), I am interested. Luke and I brainstormed a few ideas last night but nothing stuck.



3 thoughts on “Funny Files ~ Vol. I

  1. My favorite recent funny, kid story is: Our grandson, Malcolm III who is 9, went to visit his grandmother at the nursing home. He & his twin sister, Sarah Gray, visited with & got the residents involved in sporting events, etc and then his Mom looked around for him & he was clipping coupons with one of the ladies. He has a lot of energy & heart!


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