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This parenting gig . . .

. . . is all highs and lows. Let me tell you about my Saturday. I love Saturday mornings because they aren’t rushed. We get to wake up a little later, cook a yummy breakfast and all sit down to eat together. The kids woke up in good moods. The boys played together great all morning. I made pancakes. We decided to go to Augusta to watch the Superbowl with Luke’s dad, the next day which meant that I needed a few groceries so as not to show up empty handed. Luke headed to work and I decided that since I only needed a couple things I would  brave the grocery store with all three. This is a scenario that I try to avoid at all costs. I make quick stops on my way to work, quick trips on my lunch break and rushed visits sometimes with two kids after school, but all three? No thank you. However, I figured that since they had been so great all morning, I would try my luck.

We pulled into the parking lot and I gave them the pre-shop spiel – “No yelling, no running around, do everything that mommy asks (who am I kidding?). And if you do theses things, you will get to pick one treat.” And really, they acted pretty good. There was some running around and asking a bunch of questions while I was trying hard to focus on my list and get out quick. Elle is a yeller, sorry fellow shoppers. They acted like pretty typical 6, 5 and 1 year olds. The problem is that I was asking them to act like typical adults.  I barely made it out of there alive. I did my best to keep them in the cart and keep them from running into other people. If I had a heart condition, I’m certain that this activity would be medically prohibited. I tried so desperately to get everything on my list but I had to just give up. My kids are good kids but expecting them to sit still on a grocery cart or walk quietly by my side through a store filled with so much temptation is just not a realistic expectation. Is it? Sometimes I think that if I took them more often they would be better at it. Next time I might pull out the big guns, my iphone.

When we got to the car, I loaded all the kids in as fast as I could. I gave everyone a snack. Then I unloaded the cart, climbed in and opened the box of donuts that I just bought and ate about 5 or 6. I sat in the parking lot for no less than 10 minutes just trying to regain myself. I took deep breaths and tried not to be mad at three of my favorite people in the world. The problems with that trip were mostly related to my parenting and the fact that grocery shopping isn’t a kid friendly activity. They’re certainly not perfect but neither are my expectations.

Yes, the coconut donuts from Wal-mart are delicious. At least they were the miniature kind.

After my 10 minutes of reflection, I took them to the park. Clearly they needed to run around like the crazy monkeys they are. I took this video of them and thought, “Wow, 20 minutes ago I wanted to drop these people off at the fire station (JOKING) and now I can’t get enough of them.” They’re hilarious and so full of life and joy. What would I do without them? They had the best time playing and even made a friend. I was proud of them for playing so well with their new friend and sharing their light sabres with him.


Then they started fighting over who gets which light sabre. Fleet starts yelling at Luke and Luke at Fleet. This elevated quickly to screams and tears . . . over light sabres, of which we had 4, that’s 2 each. But all of a sudden, Fleet wanted the green one and wasn’t willing to share the red one. And Luke had an attachment piece that Fleet wanted. Yes, these are the type of arguments that go on ALL THE TIME. And I just said, “Ok, time to go.” So we left the park in an angry huff. I won’t describe the rest of the day. It’s safe to say that it followed this same pattern.

And that’s just how it is. Every day.


This mama needs a battery recharge.

To end on a high note; the 100th day of school was Friday. Luke was sent home with this hilarious picture of what he will look like at 100. Ya’ll, he looks just like my Nanny, my mother’s mom. Big Luke and I have had some good laughs over this.





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