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Easy and Delicious Pad Thai

We love Thai food. When we lived in Columbia, we had a favorite Thai restaurant. Bangkok Restaurant is located in a run down deserted Wal-mart strip mall on Garner’s Ferry Road. It is truly a hole in the wall. Whenever I recommend it to anyone, I always feel the need to give a disclaimer: “The food is amazing but it is run down.”

When we frequented Bangkok, we always ordered Chicken Satay, Tom Kha Gai and Pad Thai. I imagine that just about everything on their menu is delicious but these things are so yummy that we could never bring ourselves to try anything else. They serve huge portions that are easily shared and the bill might come to $25-30 for a family of four.

Over the years we have searched Charleston for a “Bangkok.” Basil is delicious but it’s more expensive, the portions are smaller and it’s all around more fuss (parking, waiting, etc). All of this doesn’t keep us away entirely, we just don’t go as often. We’ve tried a couple of lesser known restaurants on James Island but to no avail.

A few years ago, I ran across this recipe on It’s delicious and easy . . . requirements for any meal around here! I have made this many times and it never disappoints. There are a couple of ingredients that I only use for this recipe, the fish sauce and the oyster sauce. Neither of them are expensive and I can usually get a couple of batches out of each bottle.

I haven’t made it in a while but I was craving it last week. I will tell you, the boys ate it, but they didn’t love it. However, Luke and I like it so much that it’s worth the extra effort to make it just for us.

Here is the recipe.

A few tips:

  • I don’t usually use shrimp and chicken. One or the other is enough. If you are vegetarian, tofu would also be good.
  • I love the bean sprouts. I omitted them for this particular batch because pregnant ladies aren’t supposed to eat sprouts. But they are super yummy and add a little crunch to the recipe.
  • If I don’t have enough fresh limes to make the lime juice (or just don’t want to do all that squeezing!), use the bottled kind. In fact, I was out for this batch and used key lime juice instead and it turned out delish.
  • I love sriracha but my kids do not so I usually omit it.
  • This recipe is yummy and comes together quickly. Have all the chopping done before you start – green onions, cilantro and peanuts.


As for the chicken satay, my friend Sarah craved it when she was pregnant and she shared a really good recipe with me a few years ago. It’s even closer to the Bangkok version than this Pad Thai. I will have to make that again soon. Otherwise, I am still searching for a good Tom Kha Gai recipe. I found this one on Gimme Some Oven but the ingredients look hard to get a hold of.

What’s your favorite Thai restaurant or recipe?



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