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Drum roll please . . .

We had our big ultrasound on Friday. The baby looks healthy and it’s a boy! We got to see all his little fingers and toes and they took an extra close look at his heart, everything was in working order. He does have a couple of cysts on his brain called Choroid Plexus Cysts but they reassured us that these go away 100% of the time. These cysts can be indicators of other serious birth defects but in our case, the baby doesn’t have any of the other indicators.

I have been pretty certain that this guy was a boy based on the way I was feeling. I felt very different when pregnant with Elle. I have been telling the boys that I thought it was a boy since the beginning. But we decided to have fun telling them the news anyway. We took them for ice cream after school. I put blue M&M’s on theirs to surprise them with the news. Neither of them really got it. Here’s a little video of the big “reveal” . . . it’s mostly funny because I was excited and they were just like, “Yeah, it’s a boy, we know, you’ve been telling us that for months.”

They’ve had some pretty interesting name suggestions- Cupcake Face and Frankenstein topping the list. Luke suggested Jack or Jackson which were the only reasonable options thrown out there. Oh, they did mention their own names. They booed every name that we mentioned and acted like they were horrible choices. I think it’s safe to say that we will not be leaving the naming up to the boys.




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