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Feel Good + Energy Bites + The World

We’ve gotten some pretty interesting responses to telling people that we are pregnant with our fourth baby. Most of our friends and family (who haven’t forgotten their manners or their brains) have congratulated us. We’ve had a couple of people just stare at us, minds blown, which is actually how we felt at first.  I had one customer at work ask, “You do know how this happens, right?” To which I responded, “Yes, and we are pretty good at it.” I’m pretty sure this made him blush. I know that more interesting reactions will be coming as I start to show more. Here is my favorite one yet . . .

Luke was at The Pourhouse to see one of our favorite bands, Shovels and Rope. We always see someone we know here and it’s usually an old friend. In this case, it was a high school friend. Actually, she and Luke might have known each other since elementary school or earlier. Anyway, when Luke told her that I was pregnant, she got teary eyed. And I don’t think it was because she felt sorry for us (haha!), she was genuinely happy for us.

This made my day. Truth be told, I’ve been nervous about telling people because I’m a tiny bit of an emotional mess lately and not well-equipped to deal with stares of disbelief or negative comments. Anytime this happens, I am going to remember our friend’s reaction.

Besides, who wouldn’t want more of these people . . .

My mom surprised me with a “surcee” last week. I was thinking it would be cookies or something chocolatey, I have a bit of a sweet tooth. It was one of the dresses that I posted on my Maternity Wants post. It looks terrible on me but it made my day anyway!

One last feel good . . . Another friend made this table runner for my new table! I love it! I had been researching these on Etsy so I was pretty excited when she offered to make it for me.

Fleet rides home with another mom who makes these yummy energy bites. He’s been asking me to make them. I gave them a shot last week and they were delish. I would definitely make a double or even triple batch next time. After mixing them up, I popped them in the freezer. My kids are always so hungry after school and this is a great option. These are similar to the no bake 5 ingredient granola bars that I have posted on here before. The shape and freezer aspect of these energy bites make them a better option for us. Here is the recipe.

A friend posted some yummy looking super bowl recipes on her blog yesterday. Check them out here (you will have to scroll to her Jan 30 post). I usually make pigs in a blanket or 7 layer taco dip because these are always winners. This year I’m thinking about pimento cheese bacon balls, Greek salad bites or pizza wontons. Let’s face it, it’s all about the food and commercials anyway! Would love to hear about your favorites!

We just finished this series on Netflix. I love historical fiction – books, movies and shows. It’s pretty brutal, in a first settlers/fur trade kind of way, but Luke and I enjoyed it and we don’t always like the same shows. With this new immigration halt, I find myself thinking a lot about the early days of America. People fought HARD for religious freedom and still do every day. Stories about early American and Canadian civilization show a little of what it must have been like to fight for many of the freedoms that we take for granted. I think the purpose of the show is to tell a story, not necessarily to highlight the fight to freedom. That’s just a spin on the show that is relevant to what’s going on in the world right now.


I saw this quote today and it’s so true.

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry and narrow mindedness” -Mark Twain

Traveling has changed my world view for the better. If you can’t travel, READ – novels, non-fiction, news and not just things you agree with. Read everything.




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