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Organization 2017

First, check out my blog that was published today on the CMB “Hurry Up and Slow Down.”

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to get our house better organized. This is going to be a process. I need to get better organized with clothing management and toy management.

Here are my goals:

Clothing Managment

  1. Pair down everyone’s clothing to my favorites. Everyone only needs clothing for 7 days each season plus pajama’s, a couple bathing suits/sun shirts, winter jacket and one nice/dressier outfit.
  2. Figure out the best dresser solution to store clothes for 4 kids.
  3. Sell and donate the extra’s quickly.
  4. Have a plan to manage clothing as they outgrow it and for storing the previous seasons clothes. My kids grow slowly so I can usually get a couple of years out of one outfit, plus, Luke get’s Fleet’s hand me downs. (Organized tupperwares?)

Toy Management

1.What is the best way to store stuffed animals? I’d like to just give them away but my kids love them. Here is how they are currently stored and it’s such a mess . . . Elle will never be able to use this cradle, it’s so full of animals!

Here are a couple of ideas that I saw on Pinterest.

2. 1 large tupperware with lid for train track storage.

3. 1 or 2 large baskets that look nice and can be kept in the living or dining room for toys.

4. 1 or 2 large toy baskets for Elle’s room.

5. Get rid of more stuff!

It seems like World Market has a great selection of baskets. I will probably check TJ MAXX and Marshalls too. Here are some I like for inspiration.Click on images for details.






These last few would be cute in Elle’s room.



I have completed one project for book storage, I will post pictures of that soon. I would love some suggestions on what you do to stay organized!

I took this picture today at 17 weeks. I better get busy on some of the projects, I have a feeling that the next 23 weeks are going to FLY by!




Let me know your thoughts

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