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I mentioned several months ago that Luke was making us a dining table. He had gotten this beautifully milled wood that was essentially scrap wood from the property at Middleton Plantation. He’d spent a bunch of time researching “how to’s” of table building. He bought a special tool or two to make the process easier. But ya’ll, building a table is no joke, especially if you want to do it right and aren’t a carpenter. I’d go into the details but lets just say that it’s time consuming and time is one thing that we are short of around here.

Yesterday we purchased a table from a Facebook furniture swap group. The Mt P/Daniel Island Furniture Swap always has the best stuff. I am so excited! We have been without a dining table for about 8 months now and have been crowding around the kitchen counter. This “new” table can easily accommodate the 5, soon to be 6 of us! We are big on meal times and try to sit down together for dinner every night. If you are wondering why dinner time together is important, watch this. Here it is . . .

I love the table and bench but don’t love the chairs. I will probably try to sell these and eventually replace them with something that I really like. In the meantime, Luke’s mom gave us some chairs years ago that I think will work better than these (you can see them off to the right). Here are a few styles that I like below. Click on the images if you are curious about the chairs. I’d love a fabric or upholstered chair but the kids would just destroy them. They need to be very easy to clean! The first one is probably my favorite and the last one is probably the one that I will have the best chance of finding a great deal on, I see similar styles come up on swap groups pretty often. I think that black chairs would look good with the table.





If you have any good chair recommendations, I’d love to hear them! I’m excited to “set” the table and decorate it. I’ve always loved table runners and place mats and vases, candles, etc.

This is what things actually looked like once we brought it inside. Big Luke was like, “Geez, I look so skinny.” And I was like, “I’m so jealous.” Haha!



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