MLK Weekend + Garden

The boys had a lot of time off for MLK weekend. They were out of school Friday, Monday and Tuesday. We had a lot of fun together and I got to spend some time with just the two of them which is pretty rare.

We got a season pass to the Aquarium for Christmas (Thanks Papa and Natalie!) so we headed that way on Friday. It has been years since I’ve been and I always love it. I could stare at the giant fish tank all day. I actually remembered to take the big camera as well as my cell phone but both were full! I barely got any pictures! First we headed to Glazed donut shop downtown. I have heard about this place for years but never been. It did not disappoint. Luke had the cookies and cream donut and Fleet and I had the salted caramel.

They also have a nice new playground right next to the aquarium that the boys played on for a bit afterward.

Luke had a lot of business this weekend, thank goodness. This spring weather is helping for sure. He wasn’t around much but we did get a few hours together Friday afternoon. We headed out to Folly Beach where people were in bathing suits . . . in January!


I’m starting to think about our spring garden. I was hoping to plant a batch of strawberries but after some research discovered that I would have had to seed them in the fall. Oh well, I might buy some already established plants and see how that goes. Otherwise, I will seed everything else sometime next month. The boys have requested radishes (I don’t know why, they didn’t like them last year!), squash (need to find a way to combat squash bores!) and lettuces. I will probably try an early batch of lettuce. Big Luke wants to do okra, which other than cherry tomatoes and arugula is my favorite thing that we have ever planted but you need A LOT of space. The plants are pretty big and you need a lot of them to feed a family of 5. We had a much bigger garden at our last house. Of course we will do tomatoes because I love all tomatoes. I wish we could grow bacon and I could just go out to the garden and pick all of the ingredients for a BLT.

I have been feeling much better lately and started going to the gym again. I changed my membership to include the kids club. I took them for the first time this past weekend and they LOVED it. They keep asking when they get to go back to the gym. I have only been a couple of times since I’ve been feeling better – just doing the treadmill, elliptical, bike and some weights. It’s been amazing to just stand there and walk with no distractions. I don’t think I am enjoying the exercise as much as I am enjoying the quiet and the time by myself. It’s a win, win all around.

We talked to the kids a little bit about MLK and who he was and why he was important. Fleet knew a little bit but for the most part they don’t really get it. The idea that some people had to use different bathrooms, go to different schools and ride on the back of the bus just because their skin is a different color is crazy to them, and to me as well. I would love to raise them without any prejudice at all toward race, religion, gender, etc. I know that they will pick up some personal biases on their own as they grow up (I am sure that I have some as well). But I hope that they are always able to see the truth that we are all beautiful, unique beings deserving of love, compassion and grace.




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