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New Year, New Hopes

I’ve had some success with New Years resolutions over the years. I try to limit myself to just a few changes and make them realistic – I know, this is everyone’s goal. There are certainly things that pop up every year; eating healthier, exercising more, etc. However, I try to focus on more specific tasks. Whereas, I try all year long to eat healthier, exercise more, be a good mom, etc. Here are the things that I am working on this year.

  1. I may have mentioned that our house is small – 3 bedroom, 2 bath. You might be wondering why we just don’t move. Well, we LOVE our neighborhood and Charleston real estate is expensive. So we are going to sit tight for now. This year we will be adding another person to it. I have to get better organized. I need to put some thought into dresser configuration (clothing storage for 6 people!), toy storage and de-cluttering. We have been so lucky over the years to get lots of hand-me-down furniture. For the most part, any nice furniture that we have has been given to us. This makes for a bit of a hodge podge of pieces that don’t necessarily function well. I’d like to re-think some of our furniture and make changes where we can to better accommodate all of us. And of course, get rid of stuff! I’ve taken to purging the boys toy closet every month or so and I swear, they never ask about a single toy that I have gotten rid of.
  2. I want to write more and worry less about what others will think about my writing. I’ve had a book on the back burner for years and I’d like to make some progress on it. I’d also like to continue blogging and doing it with more consistency.
  3. Getting our finances organized is getting to be more and more important. We have some small debts that I’d like to pay off. I’d also like to make a plan for saving more.
  4. Every year I work on being less judgmental. When I was contemplating this particular resolution this year, I realized that I just don’t have time to judge other people. I am too busy. The older I get, the more I realize that we all have so much going on in our lives and most of it happens behind closed doors. In other words, you truly never know what is going on in someone else’s world. I hate to think about the things being said if anyone is sitting around judging me. Yikes! So, I am leaving all the judging up to God this year. That being said, its important to me to be mindful and introspective.

I read an article this morning from the Fixer Upper couple. It was basically about coming at all things in life from a position of love. The climate of our nation is pretty volatile right now, people are scared and angry. Every time I look at my Facebook feed I see posts and articles expressing great concern over any number of issues happening in the U.S. If we immediately think that people who believe differently from us are idiots or bigots or uneducated, we will never solve any problems. Read article here.

We had the traditional southern New Years dinner of collard greens (cooked with tons of sugar and ham), fresh black eyed peas, pork and corn bread. My kids love this meal. They ask for it all the time. They each had two servings of everything. We are hoping for lots of money and luck this year! Ha!

Luke and I have a lot of big changes coming up this year, besides adding another life to our world, which is pretty huge! I will share more on that as the year progresses.


Getting to drink sparkling grape juice out of champagne glasses was pretty much the coolest thing about NYE.img_6623

We spent the evening in front of the fire, playing board games. It was awesome.




One thought on “New Year, New Hopes

  1. Be joyful always, pray continually, be thankful in all circumstances for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus for you. 1 The 5:16-18 We have alot to be joyful about! Many blessings with a new one to come! Praying constantly for God’s guidance in the new year for all of us!

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