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Birthdays + The Wreck + Belly + Family

Luke’s birthday is the day after Christmas. Lets face it, that’s a stinky day to have a birthday. The crazy thing is that it’s his Dad’s birthday too! Normally his Dad comes to town but he was sick so he came later in the week. His sister, Dallas and her boyfriend, John were in town and the four of us got to go out for an adult’s only dinner. It was fantastic. We got to talk, without distraction! We went to Screen Door on James Island and were pleasantly surprised. The atmosphere was nice and the food was delicious. Look at my salad! Dallas got the fish sandwich pictured below. Luke had a pork chop that was melt-in-your-mouth yummy.

Through college and for many years after Luke worked at a restaurant called The Wreck of the Richard and Charlene or just The Wreck on Shem Creek in Mt Pleasant. The owner was an older man, a retired attorney, Fred Scott, who really liked Luke. Luke has many fantastic stories about his time here. It was a great job that afforded Luke a lot of traveling and fun. The Scotts were so good to us over the years. They came to our wedding where Mr Scott handed Luke a wad of cash for our honeymoon. They gave us a beautiful baby gift. They frequented and supported The Backpacker when we opened in Mt Pleasant 9 years ago. Not to mention that they treated Luke very well as an employee all those years. Dallas worked there throughout college and after as well.

Mr. Scott is finally retiring and this past week was his last week of ownership. When Luke’s dad was in town, we all went over and had dinner together. Dallas called to let them know we were coming and the Scotts came up and sat with us for a while. I wasn’t prepared for it, but it was an emotional reunion. I didn’t even work there and I was holding back tears. They were so happy to see us (the feeling was mutual), it was really moving. I wish I could better describe the reunion. Let’s just say that there are people in our lives that impact us in small and large ways and we often take this for granted. Seeing my husband and this 80+ year old man get emotional when talking to one another was really powerful.


Fred and Pat Scott

Don’t worry, The Wreck isn’t going away, it’s just changing ownership to a long-time employee. Here is a good review of the restaurant that was circulating on facebook recently.


This belly grows day by day. I’m scared it’s going to be humongous. I gained 10 lbs this month, after not gaining any over the previous two. I’m blaming this on Thanksgiving and Christmas! Yikes! Mama better slow down.


We went to Columbia to do Christmas with my brother and his family. It was a great time, especially for the kids who played non-stop. Look at these two cuties!


I haven’t made much jewelry lately but I made these for Natalie (Papa’s wife), she was my secret santa.


I’m starting to think about my New Years Resolutions . . . more on that to come! This list could be a mile long but I probably need to keep it simple and realistic.


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