Crazy Christmas

Christmas is always a little crazy around here. I work like a maniac up until Christmas. It’s a fun time at work- people shopping for those they love, they are usually in good spirits. I let things go around the house and by Christmas, I’m pretty tired and things are pretty wild at home. We’ve gotten used to the routine and do some things to make it easier on us. We don’t cook big meals, we precook and freeze meals. It’s often a slower time for Luke so he picks up some of the slack.

We had a fantastic Christmas. I got home and we went for a golf cart ride and then cooked a yummy crab cake, mashed potato and asparagus dinner. The crab cakes were the Maryland style ones from Whole Foods. I highly recommend them, they are delicious. We watched ELF and made cookies and snuggled on the couch. After we got everyone to bed, Luke and I pulled out all the gifts, locked our bedroom door and then divvied up the gifts. We are really blessed to be able to give our kids a nice Christmas and to find joy in it ourselves.

Here are a few pictures from the day.


A new bike and skateboard were the big gifts. Fleets bike is so big, he kept saying, “I think it’s as big as Malcolms” . . . his big cousin. He rides this thing with no problem and I can’t believe it! He’s so big! The boys love Carver skateboards. Big Luke has been a skater since he was a kid and he loves these boards. I don’t skate but they look really fun.



My dad was sick and so Gigi came over by herself.



Luke and his sister, Dallas.

I know this post is very belated but I want to wish everyone a Merry Christmas. I know that Christmas isn’t a joyful time for everyone, we’ve had some tough ones of our own. If that’s you, I was thinking about you on this day and praying for peace and happiness.

The next year holds a lot of mystery for us, some good and some very uncertain. So ready or not 2017, here we come.


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