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What’s been going on . . .

So much to relate . . . It’s been a wild month. Between finding out we’re pregnant, Thankgiving, Christmas and my work schedule, things have been hectic. Here’s some of the good.


I have always had tough first trimesters. Elle’s was the worst. I’m pretty sure this little one is a boy because it feels just like when I carried the boys. I asked the doctor for something to help with the nausea, but my insurance wouldn’t cover it. She suggested that I take b6 and unisom, it’s the same as the prescription, its just not time released. (If you are pregnant and considering this route, look up the dosages.) It has helped so much. I still don’t feel great but I’ve had almost no nausea since. It’s harder to “tough it out” like I did with the other kids. We’re busy and it’s a busy time of year.

Big Luke has been amazing. Let me tell you some of the things he has said and done. The other day he told me that he can’t wait to see my pregnant belly again. He said, “I didn’t think I’d get to see that belly again, I can’t wait.” He must be nuts. I could do without that big belly myself. The other day I told him that I was craving shrimp so he went down to the creek in our neighborhood and threw the cast net until he caught enough shrimp for me. I got home to this . . .

He’s been pitching in so much more than normal with grocery shopping, cleaning and laundry. It’s been awesome. And I’ve been feeling so rotten that if he weren’t helping, we’d all just starve in our pigpen and dirty clothes. I’m so lucky to be loved by this man.

Not just Luke . . .

Luke isn’t the only one who has been extra helpful these days. My mom has been sending meals to work with my dad. Luke’s mom has had us over for dinner. Luke’s Dad and his wonderful new wife, Natalie, were in town this weekend and she cooked us 5 meals (3 in the freezer!) plus did all of my laundry. I can’t tell you the last time this was done! I got to start the week with healthy food in the fridge and clean clothes plus Luke cleaned the house! My village is amazing.

Papa’s wedding

I posted in September about Luke’s Dad’s wedding. It was beautiful! But it was a tough time for me because Elle was sick and miserable. They sent me some pictures and I have to post one because it is beautiful. I regret that I was too overwhelmed at the time to get a family picture. When I saw the photos, all I could think about was how stinking cute my family is and how lucky I am. At the time, all I could think about was Elle’s bedtime. Ha!



As our family is growing, so will our Christmases. We decided to enact a 4 gift + one santa gift + stocking policy. We are going to do the “something you want, something you need, something to wear, something to read” idea. I found this amazing book for Fleet, “What do you do with an Idea?” It’s a fantastic book about dreams and believing in yourself. It might be a hard concept for Fleet to grasp at his age but I think that it is a good topic to start talking about.


Otherwise, I still have a lot left to do and the countdown is on. This week Elle and Fleet both have Christmas programs and parties so those should be fun. Luke’s was last week. He sang three songs complete with hand motions and dancing. It was so stinking cute!


This Santa outfit has quite the history! The boys loved wearing it. You might recognize it from my Halloween post because Fleet was Santa one year. I also used a picture of Fleet wearing it while riding his bike on the beach for a Christmas ad in the Post and Courier for The Backpacker. I will try to find a copy of the ad because it was so cute.  The boys both tried this one on and were pretty disappointed that it didn’t fit!

This little bit was diagnosed with pneumonia last week. She was much better as soon as she got antibiotics. She went from seemingly perfectly healthy to 102.5 fever in a day and we took her to the doctor the next morning. She was so pitiful but on the plus side, we got tons of snuggles.

Luke took the boys fishing. They are finally at an age where the three of them can go out on the boat together. They actually caught a couple of fish and Luke cooked them up for dinner. Yummy.

We had to put our chocolate lab down almost two years ago because he had cancer. At the time, I looked for children’s books about losing a pet and wasn’t able to find much. The other day at the library I found this book about losing a pet, and it was especially strange because our dog’s name was Oscar. It doesn’t cover all the bases of losing a pet but it would get the conversation started. Death is a tough topic to address with little kids.


I hope all your Christmas plans are coming together! We’ve been in Christmas movie mode. A few of our favorites are Polar Express, Elf and The Grinch. I’d love some new movie ideas?!



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