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Big News FOLKS . . . baby #4 is on the way.

Yes, this little guy was a surprise to us!

I went to the doctor for my first appointment on Tuesday at 9 weeks pregnant. Everything looks great so far. He’s (I’m pretty sure it’s a boy) about the size of a grape but already has arms, legs, fingers, toes, eyes, ears and organs! WOW. This will never cease to amaze me.

By the way, for those of you who have been pregnant before . . . remember your first pregnancy, when you were so eager for that baby bump? You probably didn’t really have a bump until maybe 12 weeks and weren’t really obviously pregnant until 20 weeks. Well, with baby #4, my bump at 9 weeks looks like my 15 week bump, even with Elle. GEEZ! The baby is the size of a grape and my belly is the size of a cantaloupe! I took this picture today.

While this little one wasn’t planned, he feels very meant to be. The day after I found out I was pregnant, I googled “calculating your due date.” And you will never guess what came back . . . July 3rd. The day my brother died 11 years ago. This baby is a gift.

I have given away all of my maternity clothes and baby clothes so I am officially taking donations!


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