DIY Skeleton Costume + Trick or Treat

The big finally arrived. After school I was asked 213 times if they could have a piece of candy and if it was time to trick or treat yet. Here is the final costume prep and the finished product.



  1. Black legging/pants and shirt. I got these at Wal-mart for $3.88 each.
  2. White fabric pant. I used white puffy pant. It didn’t really come out “puffy” because of how we painted it on.
  3. Paint brushes
  4. Black sharpie
  5. Skeleton template. I used Elle’s costume which was basically skeleton pajamas from Old Navy. You can also find images on the internet.
  6. Face paint if you want. Luke found skeleton face paint images that he just copied.


  1. Draw the skeleton outline using sharpie onto the black outfit.
  2. Use the paint to outline the drawing.
  3. I got the kids to fill it in using the paint and paintbrushes with some help from me.

That’s it! So simple!


Here you can see the sharpie on the outfit. I like the black sharpie because if you make any big mistakes they wouldn’t be real visible, especially at night. img_6018-3


The final product . . . pretty stinkin’ cute!


Elle is just wearing skeleton pajamas with a tutu and headband.


We had to take Luke’s paint off right after the picture. He didn’t like it. It was hot here yesterday and I think it was kinda itchy.

We had a blast trick or treating this year. We went with a large group of friends. We had a hayride hooked up to a golf cart. The kids loved this, they had a blast. There were lots of parents walking along and other golf carts in the mix. When we stopped at the first house, Fleet was the first one off the trailer, running full speed ahead to knock on the front door. I hope they all used their manners.


Here was the CUTEST and most clever costume of the night. I had to get a picture.


Here was the funniest adult costume. This is one of our friends. He’s not a small guy either, which probably made the whole thing even funnier. Skeletons seemed to be the theme for the evening. . .


Here are a few other pics from the evening.ย  Elle wanted to be in the hayride with the big kids. Fake teeth were a big hit. Luke’s pumpkin, not too bad!

Sunday we attended a little Halloween gathering at a friends house with fun food, bobbing for apples, a mummy wrap and a pinata. My kids had never done a mummy wrap so that was pretty funny.


They decided that Fleet would be the wrap-pee because he is the faster runner (they ran a maze after getting wrapped). This made Luke the wrapper and he was like, “Do what with the what?”


They dressed as a policeman and Woody for this party . . . scary policeman and Woody. They insisted on fake blood makeup but ended up not liking it and deciding to go without for trick or treating.

We had a blast trick-or-treating. I enjoyed watching them and hanging out with the other parents. When we got home at the end of the night, I felt very lucky and grateful.



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