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Hurricane Matthew – The Aftermath


Have you seen this image of Hurricane Matthew? Yikes!

We made our way back home on Saturday. We ended up being gone for about 30 hours. We took back roads from Augusta and got on I-26 around St George. We’d heard there was a block on 26 so we took back roads to avoid that. Everything was all clear. It looked like some locals had been out clearing the roads. There were many big trees down but we were able to pass smoothly by thanks to these guys. Here are some pictures from HWY 78.

Lot’s of debris on the road but it was clear enough to pass. I think this is normally a tiny stream because the bridge was small and low. It looked like a rushing river.

There were several trees on  houses on the main road leading to our neighborhood. We had two power lines out and didn’t get electricity back until late Sunday night. We bought our house 2 years ago and it came with a hard-wired, whole house generator. I thought it was pretty strange at the time but it worked like a charm the last two days. We were able to power everything, it didn’t feel like roughing it at all. Our yard was a big mess but we didn’t lose any trees or have flooding. We spent the day cleaning up yesterday. Here are some pics of our neighborhood, our yard and clean up efforts.




There were many trees on homes in our neighborhood.


Our yard was quite the mess but I’m grateful it wasn’t worse.

One of the down power lines. The wind blew the top of the pole right off.

Most streets looked like this, if not worse.

Look at those debris piles lining our street!

Things are returning to normal for us. School starts back tomorrow. I hope that everyone fared okay. Haiti definitely got the worst of it.


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