Peace Day

Today is Peace Day. Luke’s school had a celebration that was very inspiring. All of the kids, 3 years old through 5th grade, gathered on the field behind the school. Many parents joined. We gathered in the shape of a peace sign and they had a drone take a picture. I will post it whenever it becomes available because I have a feeling that it was very cool. Several of the older kids read speeches that were very thoughtful and wise. The kids sang a peace song, complete with hand motions and to my surprise, Luke participated. Here is the video.

This is the peace sign, according to Luke. I think this is something he learned while “meditating” at his last school.

“Peace Begins with You” is a fantastic book about peace. This is the first year that I have been able to read it to the kids because peace really is complicated. I could have a serious conversation with any adult on every single page of this book. That being said, I think its a good way to start introducing the concept to kids. It’s very thought provoking and Fleet especially, had many questions.

“Peace means different things, to different people, at different points in their lives.”



*UPDATE* Here is the video of the human peace sign that the drone captured.




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