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Back to School Blues

Today I was reminded why “back to school” stinks. My alarm went off this morning at 6am. I snoozed it for 5 minutes and then rolled out of bed. I started making breakfasts and lunches. I got the kids up. Then I heard big Luke calling my name, “Lauren, Lauren.” I don’t know why, but neither of us call each other by our names that often. We use pet names like “Lovie” (I know, barf) and “Babe” or just “Hey.” I wondered why he was calling my name rather than getting up and helping everyone get ready. I walked back to the bedroom and he says, “I’m sick, will you get me some water?”

Oh yeah, fall and winter and back to school = sick. It’s not the getting up early and rushing around, it’s not the homework and the eating dinner at 5:30, like my grandmother used to do that makes back to school tough. It’s all those kids, spreading all those germs. The stomach viruses, flus and every other nasty disease that can work through a family of five in five days or less. I forgot how hard it is to take care of sick people when often times you are sick yourself and all the while trying to prevent the spread. The worst part is the sleep deprivation. Sick people don’t sleep well, least of all, the mamas.

Luke spent the day in bed with the stomach flu. Fleet had some stomach issues also and needed a little TLC. I spent the day taking care of the kids, working, disinfecting the house and attempting to “nurse” the sick ones. And you know what? That’s just the way it is.

I don’t know how it is with older kids but littles get sick. A lot. And they are so stinkin cute that you just can’t keep from kissing them. So you get sick a lot too.

Like so many days in my life (everyday actually), I am grateful that Luke and I have each other. When he is sick, he can lay in bed and get better (some of the time) and vice versa.


On a different note. . .

Lil Luke said the cutest thing the other day. One of his friends called Elle a “Baby poopy.” (whatever that means . . . 4 year olds are bad at insults) Luke says in his most stern 5 year old voice, “Do not call her that. You may call her Elizabeth, ElleBelle or Bitsy, right mommy?” It was so sweet I could hardly stand it. I think those boys are going to look after their little sister, probably too much.

I submitted my first two articles to the Charleston Moms Blog (CMB) today. I will let you know when/if they are posted. I wrote one about siblings and another about Luke’s heart. The CMB has a team walking in the Lowcountry Heart Walk on September 24th so I thought that a story about Luke would be fitting.

If you are interested, follow the CMB here and on Facebook here. I love their post about Fall and Halloween Events in Charleston.ย 


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