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Luke’s Birthday Weekend + Jeans + Stuff

We had a big weekend! Hurricane Hermine struck on Friday. It dropped very little rain but it was pretty windy. We lost power at work and closed early. I arrived home to a yard covered in twigs! We made a last minute decision on Wednesday to have a party for Luke’s birthday. We had spent some time getting the yard looking nice. After the storm, big Luke had to spend all Saturday morning cleaning it up again.

Luke’s party was wild and crazy. We had about 20 kids over who basically just went banana’s all over the back yard. They had a blast and were fun to watch. All the kids seemed to get a long well and there weren’t any injuries. We have two power wheels vehicles and our neighbors brought over three more so that entertained everyone pretty good. Here are a few pics of the day.


I had planned on getting Harris Teeter to make BB8 (Star Wars) cupcakes for Luke but they lost power too. FYI, they will make custom cupcakes for the same price as the pre-made ones they sell. The kids ended up decorating them and they turned out pretty crazy.  Lil Luke really enjoyed it.


This picture doesn’t really do it justice . . . it was mayhem, in a good way, of course!

I think it’s safe to say that he was having a good time. Look at those fingernails! Check out this picture of Fleet’s legs after the party . . . you know you had a good time when your legs look like this afterward!



Somebody got a hold of a cupcake.

Since Hermine, the weather here has been pretty amazing. Cool mornings and warm days. We spent the next two days at the beach and on the boat.



She’s pretty excited about getting to feed herself . . . a few bites actually made it into her mouth.

Check out this yummy veggie pizza. It’s really easy and everyone likes it. I usually buy those pizza crusts near the deli section of the grocery store that come as a ball. This one is topped with ricotta, sauteed veggies (I used 2 squash, one zucchini and half an onion), fresh basil, and parmesan. Don’t forget to salt the edges! This would make a good football appetizer as well. Sometimes we use marinara for a dipping sauce.

Look what someone had leashed to a tree at the restaurant next to The Backpacker this morning. I am told that it’s a bengal cat . . . some sort of wild animal/domestic animal mix. It definitely did not seem like a creature that should be someone’s pet. It rides in that black box on the back of that three wheeled motorcycle in the background. Strange.


Now that the weather has started to change, I am on the hunt for a new pair of jeans. Let’s face it, jeans shopping is tough. It’s right up there with bathing suit shopping. I feel like I’ve been pregnant or breastfeeding (sometimes both! Yikes!) for the last 6 years. Now that I am slowly getting my body back, I am ready to toss my old Target jeans that I bought while gaining and loosing weight over the last 6 years. I am so glad that low rise jeans are no longer popular. That is one trend that I could never get on board with. Maybe my body is just the wrong shape but my behind would show and I was always having to pull them up. For years I would go into a store and ask for high rise jeans and the sales staff would look at me like I was 100 years old. Now, high rise is in style and so am I! Ha! My birthday is coming up soon and I asked Luke for a nice pair of jeans. I’ve only bought a few pairs of really nice jeans over the years and I’ve always thought it was totally worth the money. They last forever. I just wore holes in a pair of Citizens for Humanity jeans that are 12 years old. And I still wear them, just not to work. Here are my favorites plus one that I want.

Pilcro from Anthropologie. These are mid-rise with a slight boot cut. I purchased them a few years ago and I love them. They have slight stretch but not enough to size down. I hate that about jeans – when they stretch so much that you should have purchased a size down. They’ve gone up in price since I bought them but it’s still worth it.


I purchased these Articles of Society Jeans last week from Carolina Girls. They were on sale for $32, originally $64 (The link above has them for $19!). I think they are going to become my favorites.  They are supposed to be a cropped jean but on me (5’4″), they are full-length.


I tried these JBrand jeans on last week at Two Brunettes in Mt Pleasant. They are super highrise, skinny jeans with stretch. I LOVE THEM. They are going on my birthday wish list for sure!




I have posted some links to these jeans on-line but I try to shop local. The stores mentioned above- Two Brunettes and Carolina Girls are a couple of my favorites. They have beautiful clothing, jewelry and purses plus awesome staff and owners. Plus they support other local clothing designers and jewelry makers. 

I make an effort to never post pictures of other people or children without permission. If I have posted a picture that you’d like me to remove, just ask. It was hard to find birthday pictures that didn’t include other children!






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