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5 years ago today . . .

.  .  was a really incredible day, one of the best days of my life. It was also the most uncertain. I welcomed Luke into the world with all of the hope, love and fear that a mother possesses. You see, he wasn’t a perfectly healthy baby. He was missing a wall between the chambers of his heart and his aorta and pulmonary aorta were coming off of the same side of his heart. The doctors knew this from the ultrasounds they had done on my belly, of my baby, inside my body. I am still amazed that they were able to see what they did when he was only 20 weeks old. Modern medicine leaves a lot to be desired but without it, Luke wouldn’t be here. If he’d been born in a different time or even a different place, he wouldn’t have survived. On Luke’s birthday I always reflect on where we’ve been, the people we’ve met a long the way and the miracles that we have been a part of.

Today, here he is. Waking me up at 6am, asking me if today is his birthday. He’s been trying to figure out the exact timing of this for days. He doesn’t quite get “days of the week.” He had a huge serving of pancakes and bacon for breakfast and has been running around the backyard with his friends since. He genuinely loves his big brother. He celebrates his victories with true joy. He might be a little jealous of his sister but he loves her too. He laughs with amazement when she’s silly. He loves to be read to, especially superhero and Star Wars books. He has the most interesting and precise way of explaining and describing things. He’s a loud talker and a personal space invader. He can play by himself for hours but will always choose to play with his big brother. He takes forever to fall asleep, usually an hour, sometimes two. He wants to wear superhero clothes all the time, especially if they are also pajamas. He likes baseball, swimming, skateboarding, riding his bike and being pulled in the tube behind the boat. He loves all food but takes forever to eat. He will brush his own teeth, but he’ll make faces at himself in the mirror for 1o minutes first. He makes friends easily because he’s silly and light hearted. He’s smart in a way that could lead to great happiness as an adult. I hope he always feels loved and appreciated and that when he doesn’t, he is able to see himself out of it.

Clockwise starting with the icecream picture. This is my all time favorite picture of Luke, he was almost 2. Luke holding a bunny at Boone Hall. Wacky Tacky day at school, this was right up his alley. Dressed up as a superhero- Luke’s happy place. The day he was born – he was perfection.

This is Luke today. He is turning into quite the little man.





One thought on “5 years ago today . . .

  1. He is a beautiful gift from God & a miracle baby! Did I mention? He has an amazing Mom, Dad, brother, sister, & grandparents! Love this precious boy! Thank you, Jesus


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