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Beach + Rhymes + Drones + Funny

We had a fun day at the beach on Sunday building sand castles, boogie boarding, surfing and swimming. Here are some snapshots of the day.

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Do you remember being in school, K-12 and something hilarious was going on? Maybe one of your friends was making faces at the teacher or telling a crazy joke. Remember trying so hard not to laugh that your stomach would hurt and you’d be shaking from holding in the giggles? You would do anything to not get caught laughing by the teacher, including manifesting a  serious face whenever the teacher looked your way? Well, this happens often as a parent, except replace “teacher” with “your child.” You can’t let them know for an instant that something is funny if it is also naughty. . .

Fleet came home from school yesterday saying that he and his friends had made up a bunch of rhymes on the playground yesterday. Most of them were just ridiculous, with “words” that weren’t real words. Here are a few that had big Luke and I in stitches –

“My poose is loose.”

“There’s a rocket in my pocket.”

“There are nannies in my panties.”

With the exception of the last one (which he didn’t say at school), he really didn’t have any idea that these were inappropriate things to be saying at school. We didn’t enlighten him because that would lead to a whole bunch of questions that he’s not ready for. “Poose” obviously isn’t a word, but it really does sound inappropriate, doesn’t it?! Big Luke and I had some serious secret laughs over these.

Have you heard about Dominos delivering their first pizza by drone in New Zealand? Read the article here. We were talking about this at dinner Monday night. Here is the conversation that I had with lil Luke the next morning on the way to school.

Luke: “Mommy, I want our pizza to be delivered by not a pizza guy”

Me: “You mean a drone”

Luke: “Yeah, a drone. When you hear a ding on the bell (i.e. doorbell), come get me because I might not hear it and it might be a drone.”

I think its safe to say that this and so many more amazing things will happen in Luke’s life. The world is changing fast.

I’ve been watching Jim Gaffigan’s comedy on Netflix. It’s hilarious. Last night we were rolling laughing over his bit about oysters . . . they really are gross . . . and delicious. I like comedians but most of them are so vulgar, it’s awful. Jim Gaffigan is not at all. I don’t think he said a single cuss word! It’s good, clean funny. I highly recommend it.

I’ve been taking Bitsy to work with me a couple days a week. Here is where I found her after I finished changing the chalkboard. She had made quite a mess. She’s inside a display cabinet.


I can’t believe it but my Lukers turns 5 on Saturday. We haven’t decided what we are going to do to celebrate. The weather isn’t looking great for the weekend. The only thing he has told me that he wants is a “Batman house,” which we already have! If anyone has any great superhero gift ideas, I’m all ears.

Look at this beautiful baby (ignore tired mama!). He was just days old. He was still in the Level II Neonatal Nursery at MUSC which is mostly reserved for premature babies. He was put there because of his heart condition but he was a big baby, 8.4lbs and he really looked big among all those tiny babies. I knew that he would have a hard time gaining weight once he was born because his body would be working extra hard to breathe. I ate the fattiest food while I was pregnant and I think it helped him to be a little bigger than he might have been otherwise.


How was this 5 years ago?




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