Weekend Updates + Writing + Funerals

Week two of school and we are still hearing good things about teachers and friends. It’s been a busy week, as usual. A couple weeks ago, I mentioned that a friend of mine suggested that I apply to write for the Charleston Mom’s Blog. I decided to go for it and was invited to write for them earlier in the week. I will let you know when my first post comes out. Wish me luck!

I want to take a minute to brag on my husband. He has been very productive this week. He fixed our dryer and hooked up our ice maker. I think he had been putting both of these projects off because he thought they were going to be complicated. They turned out to be pretty simple, says she who didn’t have to do them! He also started repairing the duct work under our house, a job that he literally could not find anyone to pay to do because it’s so awful. It turns out that it was done very poorly and then masked with insulation, which is probably the case in many homes. Anyway, its pretty nice having these small things fixed.

We went to a birthday party at the Children’s Museum this weekend. We haven’t been there in over a year. That place is so cool. They had a new building exhibit that consisted of different size legos and other building tracks that resembled train tracks but were large and made of foam. The kids went bananas.




She looks so big here! Don’t be fooled, she is not walking yet!

 This has provided hours of entertainment this weekend for all parties involved. All I have to say is  . . . third baby.

On the way home from the museum, a police car was blocking the road in front of us. Several cars had backed up but I couldn’t tell what was going on. A minute later a hearse appeared followed by limos. Being stopped or pulling over for a funeral procession is one of those old traditions that seems to be slowly disappearing. We are all too busy to be stopped so that mourners may be able to travel unhindered on one of the worst days of their lives.

About 20 years ago, I was at a funeral for my great “Aunt Joan.” She was my dad’s cousin. They were very close growing up, even living in the same house for awhile. Like many, she was taken from this world too early by breast cancer. We traveled to Alabama, my Dad’s home state, where her husband was the minister of a large Methodist Church. Her funeral was the largest that I have ever been to, besides my brother’s. After the service at the church, we all headed to the graveside. The line of cars stretched far in front of us and far behind. As we drove down the road, every car on the other side of the road was pulled over. Not just one car or an occasional car, but every single car. It was amazing. I didn’t know my Aunt Joan very well, we had maybe met one time in my short life. This show of respect moved me to tears. I was old enough to know that we are all busy, especially adults. For so many to pull over as we passed was a remarkable display of compassion and respect. She may have been well known in her town but these people weren’t all stopped because they knew her. They were stopped because they have loved and lost. Because taking 5 minutes to stop and show respect is a kind and compassionate thing to do. Because despite our differences there are common bonds that unite us. Love. Loss.

I googled this tradition mostly to find that many have strong feelings about whether it should continue to be observed. Since that funeral 20 years ago, I have rarely seen cars pull over. Sure, we all stop when the officer is pulled in front of us but most of us don’t stop of our own accord. Yesterday a car pulled over to show their respects. On a two lane road, with a narrow median, the car was blocking traffic. A short line had formed behind them. It made me smile. The people in that car weren’t too busy. They didn’t mind holding up traffic for a couple minutes, it couldn’t have been more than 3-4. They had a minute to show compassion. I need to slow down and remember this myself. Stop the car, say a prayer, take a moment to remember that despite our differences, we are all human.

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2 thoughts on “Weekend Updates + Writing + Funerals

  1. I am so happy that your wonderful blog will be shared with more people, Lauren.
    Great video of the three having fun with their baby sister.
    Thank you for the reminder to stop and pray for those who have lost someone. Great perspective.


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