One week down . . .

We made it through our first week of school! Here’s what’s been going on.

After this summer, I have come to the conclusion that people disappear during the summer. Let me explain. We see our neighbors who live behind us almost daily during the school year. Our kids spend time together every weekend and sometimes after school. We have other neighbors that we see on walks and for Friday happy hour. We barely saw any of them this summer. I am not sure why this is but I have a few theories. Our schedules change are no longer the exact same. Wake up, go to school/work, get home, do homework, play, cook/eat dinner, go to bed = the schedule of all school age parents/kids. Some people sleep in, take naps, go on vacation and quite frankly, even though we like each other, we might just all enjoy a break. I even had several friends that I made through Fleet that we just could never connect with this summer. I think people hibernate during the summer. They focus on family and I’m okay with that. I thought about this several times this summer as we never saw our neighbors outside (could have been the heat!) and there weren’t any gatherings. I mention this because we spent time with all our neighbors this weekend. I missed them.

Yesterday we worked on the first big project for Fleet and Luke. They each had to complete an “All About Me” page for their class scrapbook. It started off a little rough; fighting over pictures, glue sticks and Star Wars stickers. I had to find more pictures and do some sticker delegating. Once we got going, it was a project that I really enjoyed doing with them. We pulled out some baby pictures and they are always so curious about what was going on at the time. Of course, they thought all the baby pictures were of Elle, so it was funny reminding them that they were babies once too (since they are such big kids now!). It was interesting to see the pictures they chose. Fleet chose his first cake picture and many that didn’t even have him in them. Luke wanted every picture that I showed him. They wanted to describe, in great detail, every Star Wars sticker that they chose. “This is Kylo Ren. He is a bad guy. He has a knife. He cuts people. He lives on  . . .” Geez! Needless to say, I paraphrased this information. (And if you are a Star Wars buff, I am sure that I got all that wrong. Don’t tell the boys.)


I read this really funny blog, 40 things all Families are doing this summer. LAUGH OUT LOUD. It’s a must read. It speaks to how perfectly many of us try to portray our lives on social media. We post the perfect pictures where our kids are smiling, nicely dressed and having fun. When the reality is that it took us 166 tries to get the shot. There were 168 tantrums thrown, 168 bribes offered. We went through 9 outfits. And the photo still had to be photo shopped. Oh, and it wasn’t sunny, it was cloudy and about to rain. We had to photo shop the background as well.

I think that we should all post whatever kinds of photos we want, the perfect ones, the true ones. When the teenage years roll around, our kids are going to ask us to remove them anyway. I do think that no one should ever assume that that perfect photo represents a perfect life. None of us has a perfect life. And we can all get bogged down with the seemingly competitive spirit of social media picture posting. Post for fun, peruse for fun.

We spent some time in the yard this weekend, despite the heat. We hosed each other off about every 10 minutes. I cleaned out the garden and planted some new veggies. I haven’t posted any garden pics lately because it was overgrown with wild looking tomato plants. When I removed them yesterday I exposed several huge basil plants. We had pesto for dinner last night!

Here’s an after shot of the garden plus the new veggies that I planted.

Bitsy rode the motorcycle for the first time. I don’t think she gets the concept quite yet!

If you need a feel-good story for the day, I heard this one on The Bridge this morning.





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