I am not a huge baseball fan but I love going to the Riverdogs games. We went last week with some friends and ate plenty of boiled peanuts and cotton candy. . . the boys were in heaven. We normally sit up top at the picnic tables so the boys can run around when they get antsy. Turns out, there’s an even better spot to hang with kids. The far side of the field has a padded hill right behind first base or right field or something like that, I’m not up to speed on my baseball lingo. The boys went bonkers and had a blast running around over there.


Here’s Luke at the end of the game after running around like a total maniac. Yes, that is sweat holding his hair up. He sure does look happy.



You can get general admission tickets for $8 and there are usually seats available to move around to. They run a lot of fun promotions like super hero night and dog day. We made it to the end of this game but normally only make it to the 7th inning or so.  They have fireworks on Friday nights that I know the boys would love.

The last game is September 9th!


Let me know your thoughts

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