Easing back into reality

We are headed to the lake in a couple days for one last hoo-rah before school starts back. As I am getting ready this morning I am thinking about an article that I read in this month’s edition of Real Simple magazine, “What helps you ease back into reality after vacation?” Read the original article here.

I always try to have the house as tidy as possible and if I get I wild hair, I will also dust, vacuum, change the sheets, etc. Having a clean kitchen is a must. The article has tips from people all over the country. Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Setting a vacation picture as your desktop background at work.
  • Before vacation, make a to-do list for at home and at works to keep from feeling overwhelmed when you return.
  • Schedule a massage for when you get back to help fight post vacation blues. (Yes please!)
  • Put all the dirty clothes into a bag before heading home so unpacking is more manageable. (I actually do this one and find it super helpful. I always love the packing part of vacation but dread the unpacking. )
  • Schedule an extra day off to unpack. I like this one and usually do it if I can.
  • Make a home cooked meal and put it in the freezer before you go. This was my favorite one. I had never considered this but we are always getting home to an empty fridge and scrambling around at dinnertime.

When we unload the car after a vacation, we put everything in one spot in the house. I find it much easier to unpack if everything is in one place and I can unload piece by piece. It is also less in the way if I don’t get to unpack right away.

What helps you ease back into reality?



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