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On Friday I am going to be interviewed by Southern Weekends. They are shooting 2 short videos on hiking to post on their website. I’m a little worried about this as I tend to get nervous on camera. You could compile a pretty funny blooper reel of my on camera experiences for The Backpacker over the years. I will be talking about things to pack in a day pack and giving tips for beginning hikers. Wish me luck! I will post the videos here, unless they are terrible!

My upcoming interview reminded me of an entry I wrote for The Backpacker blog last year about camping with kids. Here is the link if you are interested in some tips.


Other  happenings this week . . .

We got to spend some time with the Joneses this weekend at Isle of Palms. The weekend was so fun that I forgot to take many pictures. The cousins got a long so well. There were actually a few relaxing moments. The boys even spent 2 nights at the condo without me which is something that would not have been possible last year.


I found a couple new paint colors that I am loving for finger/toes! My niece complimented me on the rose gold one and I always feel so cool whenever she compliments me on something!

Pedicure sessions always require a lot of patience and a lot of cleanup!

Here’s a little blurb that I saw on Facebook today about expectations. Since I’ve been thinking and writing a lot about expectations lately, I wanted to share it:

I coach a lot of parents who have little kids. Like, a 15 month old and a 4 year old. Or a three year old and a baby. Or a 6 year old, a 3 year old, and a baby.

These parents are tired. They are stressed. They are burned out.

They just want things to be EASY.


And nothing would make me happier than if I could give them the secret, the strategy, the tip, the ONE THING that would lift the burden of parenting young children.

But there is no secret. Or tip. Or anything, really. Oh sure, I can give you ten tips for a better bedtime…any idiot can. Truly. Look at the interwebs. Every idiot IS giving you tips. I am one of them.

But the REAL truth? The real deal that no one wants to hear? IT IS HARD EVERY DAY. EVERY DAY, YOU WILL WAKE UP AND IT IS HARD.


It is not the children who are actually causing you pain (except when they hit you. That can hurt).

It is your expectations that THIS morning will be easy. That THIS meal will be joyful. That THIS afternoon will be tantrum-free. That THIS weekend will be calm and sweet. That THIS five hour car ride will be silent. 

Your expectations of parenting happiness are killing you.

At BEST, parenting young kids is a GRIND.

Oh, I can just see some people clutching their pearls at that statement, but whatevs. I am telling it like it is, because I am witnessing parents KILLING THEMSELVES to live to an expectation that is just smoke and mirrors. A lie. 

Do you experience joy and wonder with your young children? YES. 

But between those joyful moments, these children are TAKERS of the highest order. Takers of time, money, soul, passions, and cleanliness.

The day I stopped expecting everything to be AMAZING and INSPIRING and ENDEARING and EASY is the day I woke up to my real life. To my real kids.

And the amazing part? The really cool thing?

Parenting got easier.

“Ah,” I realized. “My children don’t owe me a thing.”

They are not HERE to ease my path.

They are here to grow me up.

TRUTH! Click here for the original post by Meghan Leahy.


Back to School

I’ve been slowly getting ready for back to school. I got all their school supplies last week. Luke will be wearing a uniform next year and Tutu (Luke’s mom) has graciously gotten all the clothes for us! He’s going to be so cute in his little red and navy polos!

Elle will be going to school as soon as she can walk. She’s taking her sweet time so it could be awhile. I’ve started getting stuff together for her. I found this little lunch box on ETSY. I love the way it turned out and it was about the same price as anything you’d find on amazon plus it included the personalization.

I made a couple new necklaces this week. I really wanted to keep them for myself!

I made Creamy Summer Pasta Salad again. This time I used two chopped apples, a can of black olives sliced, a can of black beans rinsed and drained, 4 stalks of chopped celery, 2 sliced green onions and a box of ditalini. I used the same dressing as the recipe but I doubled it and used half greek yogurt and half mayo for the creamy part. YUM. Fleet ate three servings for lunch.


Have a great Thursday!


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