Workout Wonders

I have decided to join a gym again. It’s been 5-6 years since I last went to the gym. Sad, I know. I have had random bouts of running throughout the years but nothing consistent. I will run for months until I get an injury or illness and then I stop for months. I try to convince myself that chasing after 3 kids and doing housework is enough exercise, but it really isn’t. Plus these things don’t give me that deeper satisfaction that “exercise for exercise sake” does.

A couple of moms from my neighborhood have been telling me for the past year that they work out 5 days a week before work . . . at 5 am . . . yes, 5 am. They invited me several times last year but 5 am is scary. I have a tough time getting up at 6:30am to get the kids ready. Plus this means getting to bed earlier which cuts into my time with big Luke. My best neighborhood girlfriend finally broke down and started going with them so I decided to bite the bullet and commit. I don’t have to go at 5 am until school starts so I have been going at 6-6:30am. I went three days last week and finally joined on Sunday. The timing was good because the gym was offering 2 free months so I got to take advantage of that.

Wish me luck for August 15th when school starts and I have to go at 5! Yikes! If the morning doesn’t work out, I may switch to the afternoons, after school.

I find stories of how other moms fit in a work out routine to be very inspiring. It makes me want to get off my lazy behind and get some exercise! My sister-in-law works out 5 days a week and has for as long as I can remember. I have another friend who runs almost every day, even in this heat! The neighborhood friends mentioned above, all have 2 kids and full-time jobs. Share yours! Motivate me!

Here are a few favorites from my workout playlist:

Bruno Mars is just fun.

I love this song but the music video is really fantastic. If only I had gotten married in LA in December of 2014 . . .

Here are a few favorites from my workout wear

FreeFly shorts* & Tank* – I know I post a lot about FreeFly. I love their clothing. It’s functional and fits perfectly. This tank is loose, long and flowy. The shorts have a lightweight brief that I love. I also like their t-shirts. It’s just too hot for sleeves right now.  I like mediums in everything.

Smart wool Socks*, Patagonia Sports Bra* (this bra probably doesn’t have enough support if you have a big chest), Camelbak Waterbottle*, Headphones – I have a tough time here because you want them to sound good and most importantly, not fall out. I have had three different pairs that I’ve really liked over the years. Sennheiser, Skull Candy and Outdoor Tech* bluetooth headphones. They all stay in well but Luke says that the Outdoor Tech don’t have great sound. I’m not as picky as him in that department so I haven’t noticed that. I like that they are wireless! I don’t like having to run wires from my phone, up my arm or through my shirt and into my ears.

*Can be purchased at The Backpacker in Mt Pleasant or Columbia, S.C.

Contact: laurenskijones@gmail.com


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