Swimming in the creek

I hate to admit it but we are those people who can’t get away from our phones. Last week when we were camping we couldn’t get reception from our campsite. It was very stressful. I had an emergency come up at work and needed to be able to call and text employees. Twice a day we had to drive up the Blue Ridge Parkway until we could get reception. We’d sit there for thirty minutes and try to get as much work done as possible. As for Luke, if he can’t answer the phone, he misses business and that is a real problem. While I don’t love that this is the reality for us, it just is. I need to remember this for next time so that I can be better prepared and have more realistic expectations. We got back to town and had to play a little more catch up than usual.

We managed to have some fun this week too. We went for a swim and dinner at Tutu’s (Luke’s mom) house. She has a fun little beachy house that is on a tidal creek. Here is the view from her back yard at high tide.

Fleet was running and jumping off the high dock. He has made some serious swimming progress this year.


After dinner the boys ran around the yard with the neighbor. That is what summer is all about!

We went out on the boat with some friends yesterday in the Charleston Harbor. We don’t do this route very often but I always love seeing The Battery and the Ravenel Bridge from the water. We spent most of the day on the beach beside DNR on James Island and then headed over to Fort Sumter. The first shots of the Confederate War were fired on Fort Sumter. There is a ton of interesting history here. I’d like to go without the kids so that I could read all the information in the museum. Anyone can go to Fort Sumter on their own boat and there is no admission fee. It’s a really cool spot but it was SO HOT and crowded yesterday.





The flag over Fort Sumter was at half mass after the Dallas shootings.

Oh, the life of a little girl with big brothers . . . it’s all super heros and star wars around here. She doesn’t seem to mind.

Here’s what our nanny walked up to on Friday. This guy was right beside the front door! It turns out that it’s just a rat snake but it looks pretty scary to me!

We just got these oversized beach towels in at The Backpacker and I am obsessed! Aren’t they cool??!! They are super plush and I love the aztec patterns.

I hope you all have a great week; that you make a few marks on your to do list and have some fun too.





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