Vacation: Part 2 Camping

The second half of our vacation was spent camping on a gorgeous piece of property along a small river in N.C. An old friend of my Dad’s, from back in the early days of The Backpacker, owns this amazing piece of property and was gracious enough to let us camp on it. Seriously, it’s incredible and I told Luke that I am never camping anywhere else so I am crossing my fingers that he will let us come back! It has all the convenience of a campground – toilet, running water, electricity – without the other people. He even built a tent platform and had this tent set up and waiting for us. Plenty of firewood, the perfect hammock spot, the soothing sound of the river and the best part: no neighbors. I want first dibs when he goes to sell this place.


The boys hiking along the river that runs right through the property.


Is there anything more relaxing than a hammock?  . . . maybe, 3 less kids? ha!

We had s’mores every night. Side note – s’mores made with dark chocolate are way better. Look at this dirty face. It’s hard to keep this guy clean when we are at home so he was a real mess at camp.IMG_1457

Speaking of dirty faces . . . It’s impossible to keep a baby’s face clean when camping, especially one who doesn’t walk yet.

We went on a great hike down into Hebron Rock Colony. This hike about 3 miles round trip and the boys were serious troopers. The hike was very easy but 3 miles is still pretty long for my guys. This is another place that you would only want to go on a weekday, which we did. I could tell from the parking lot that this place gets packed. They were losing stamina on the way back so we pretended to be Star Wars characters being chased by bad guys. Luke was making shooting noises and throwing out force-fields the entire way back, it was so cute. He has a great imagination.


Luke and the boys hiked way up to the top of the falls. They loved scampering around on the rocks.

We also got to ride around on this bad boy . . . we only got it stuck once.

Otherwise, we actually rested a lot. My parents kept Elle for the first day/night. I spent a lot of time in the hammock that day. The boys have been getting along and playing together so well lately. They started playing UNO all by themselves when we were packing up . . . look how cute!


Not to make all you Charleston folks jealous, but the weather was fantastic. It felt like the most perfect fall day the entire time.


We spent three nights here. It was much needed, low key family time. We got to enjoy each other and Luke and I weren’t too tired at the end of the day to talk.

For the first time in a long time, I am looking forward to our next camping trip. Last year we kayak camped and it was just too much for me at this stage in our lives. Campgrounds or like situations suit me perfectly right now.

Happy Camping!

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