Summer update

Life just gets away with you sometimes. I can’t even remember what’s been going on over the last week . . .

Father’s Day

I got to celebrate the two most important Dad’s in my life. My Dad and the father of my babies: both extraordinary men. Being a girl, I think that the way my Dad treated me and my mom was very influential for me. It was probably the most influential relationship in helping me determine how I deserve to be treated by my spouse. And considering how much I love Luke, I think my Dad did a good job here.

And to this guy. Who truly wants to be involved in EVERY aspect of parenting; the good, the bad and the ugly. I can’t imagine parenting without him.

Redneck Riviera is in full swing at our house. These above ground pools are so tacky but so fun. We are all having a blast in it. We set it up last year because I was on maternity leave and knew we’d need something to do that didn’t involve packing all three kids up. The boys can both touch so that’s comforting, not that they are ever out there by themselves. We swim in it every day so they are both getting to be good little swimmers. Elle likes just floating around in her little raft. Its pretty much sweltering in Charleston so swimming is the only outdoor activity that’s any fun.


We are getting more tomatoes that we can eat and they are amazing. Even Bitsy likes them ย . . .

I’ve been enjoying making jewelry lately. I have been doing this off and on for about 13 years now so I have a lot of materials built up. I get new materials whenever I run out of the basics (clasps, earring hooks, etc) or need new stones and beads for inspiration. I shop at local stores, occasionally large regional jewelry shows and online. I got in some new things this week that I can’t wait to use. Here is a snapshot ย . . .

Summer is flying by. The kids are adapting so well to their nannies. I know we will be back in the grind soon so I am trying to enjoy every minute. No waking up early, no homework, no crazy mornings. Probably by the end of summer I will be ready to get back into our routine but for now,





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