I have always been wary of vaccinations. I know, I know the doctors say it’s fine. They assure you that they are perfectly safe and then guilt trip you if you decide not to vaccinate or to do an alternative schedule. I don’t know anyone personally who has had a serious illness/death caused by a vaccine but I have heard many stories and read a lot about it. I’ve also read plenty of articles on how safe vaccines are and how dangerous it can be to not vaccinate. It’s hard to sort through the conflicting information.

When I was a kid, I got a couple of vaccinations at each visit. Now, 2 month old babies are given as many as 6 vaccinations. It makes me cringe just thinking about those tiny bodies processing all that. The truth is (unless you are ignoring all data or just data from one side), they are safe for some but they are life-threatening and disabling for others. Even seemingly healthy babies/toddlers/teenagers could have a DNA trigger that is set off by a vaccination . . . it has happened. They can link serious illness and death to vaccinations and while it’s a small percentage of the population, I don’t think of my kids that way. They might be a small percentage of the population but they are 100% my love and my life.


Autism, Diabetes, serious neurological disorders and death can AND have been linked to vaccinations. It’s medical fact. I found this video to be extremely enlightening. It is hard to sort through the endless articles of how safe vaccinations are and how unsafe they are . . . each side of this argument has very strong opinions. It’s a hot button topic among moms and most of us only talk about it with our closest friends, the ones who love us despite our crazy.

Luke and I decided when Fleet was born that we would vaccinate but we would do it on an alternative schedule. We had to find a doctor that was willing to do this and while she wasn’t happy about it, she agreed. Our kids get no more than 2 vaccinations at a time. In the first year of their lives, we have had to go to the doctor more often but I have always felt like this was an option I could live with. The doctor said that you are just “prolonging the misery” but I’d rather “prolong the misery” than cause long term illness or disability. And the deal is, that even on the alternative schedule, something awful could still happen. Actually, after watching that video, I am putting some serious thought into my kids continued vaccination schedule.

As a whole I think that vaccinations are beneficial. It’s pretty awesome to not have polio. But do we need so many vaccinations? Do we need them all so young and so quick? Should we DNA test babies to see if they will tolerate vaccinations well? Can we take out the unnecessary chemicals and additives in vaccinations? Are they as effective as they used to be? What are the long term effects…how is our society’s health as adults and are there problems that can be linked to vaccinations? These are some questions that I think people are asking but aren’t getting straight answers to.

I am not judging anyone here. Being a parent is hard. The hard choices are non-stop. The risks involved no matter what you choose should be considered. I think parents should educate themselves with their doctors and independently and then make a choice that they feel good about. I will post more as I learn more.


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