Summa Summa Summatime

No more 6:30am alarm and rushing around making lunches, getting kids dressed and rushing out the door. Today, they actually slept until 8am which hasn’t happened since last summer. Here’s what’s been going on . . .

Fleet had a portfolio party at school. His teacher put together all of his writing and art work from the last year. It was so neat to see the progress he has made.

It’s actually been a bit of a stressful week because of a few things going on at Fleet’s school. First he wasn’t allowed to participate in “water day” because of a ridiculous reason. He had to sit and watch the other kids have fun all because he didn’t have a change of clothes (he was outfitted in swimsuit, swim top and sunscreen with towel!) and no one called me, I could have brought him one. Poor guy. It breaks my heart thinking about him sitting there. And second, his teacher assignment for next year has me a little worried. I’m now talking to every parent I know to get feedback about this teacher. Wish me luck, I might be one of those parents causing a scene in the principals office. Actually, I’d love some advice here if anyone has any.

Luke graduated from preschool. He will be moving on to either Murray Lasaine ย (Montessori School) or Stiles Point (where Fleet goes) next year. He is definitely ready. The little ceremony that Green World School put on for all the kids was so sweet. He came out waving like Miss America and then bowed at the end.



Here is his school pic. She really captured his sweet little self.

We’ve had a great start to the summer. We went to an “end of kindergarten cookout” hosted by a classmate from last year. Yesterday we spent the day on the boat and at Kiawah with friends. It was a beautiful day and everyone got plenty of sunburn.

It was a mad house at the north end of Kiawah!

Tonight they are pretty excited for the opportunity to sleep in the teepee on the porch. We’ll see how that goes. It’s pretty hot today ย . . . and they’re pretty ornery.

A little summertime humor for you . . .

Happy Summer!

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One thought on “Summa Summa Summatime

  1. If after talking with your friends who mentioned concerns about this teacher; you don’t feel good about him being in that class; I would ask for a different teacher. Don’t be afraid to ask for what you want. Think about how you want to say; like why you don’t think this teacher would be a good match for your child.


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