Memorial Day Merrymaking

Despite the crazy weather this memorial weekend Saturday, we have really had a great day. We got out early and met some friends at the park this morning before the rain started. Then on to a birthday party for another friend. Then home for naps/movie time and back to birthday friend’s house to play more. If you are going to be stuck inside, being with friends is the only way to go. Big Luke has been stoked to get some surf. He’s out there right now.

I’ve been making jewelry for years. Though, I haven’t made much in the last 6 years since Fleet was born. I usually make some things every Christmas to sell at The Backpacker but I haven’t felt very inspired to come up with new and creative pieces. I’ve seen some jewelry lately that has made me want to get back into it.  I made these last night and today . . .

These are all long. They really don’t need clasps because they can slip right over your head.

Left to right-

Cotton cord with copper rings, glass beads and polished oyster shells

Glass seed bead with shells and amazonite chips

Glass seed beads with silver rings, pink quartz, pewter and coral pieces.

And of course, I brought out the beads so the boys made necklaces too. I have a box full of Walmart beads for them. Fleet collects oyster shells with holes in them for making necklaces. I keep thinking I will find something cool and creative to do with them. 

I can’t help but feel grateful for all of the people who have fought and died for our freedom. No matter what anyone says about all the troubles here, it’s still the BEST country to live in and I am grateful for the people who have fought to make it so.



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