We are a part of each other

Our bodies are made up of our own unique DNA, strands of AT’s  and CG’s. Its the building blocks of what makes us unique, our hair color, our height, predispositions of our personalities. Scientist have recently found other DNA inside our bodies. The DNA of our babies and our mamas. We really are a part of each other. For some reason, I find this fascinating.

I feel it. I love my mother deep down, in my core, my soul, the part of me that feels like it transcends this world. I know that she cradled me and stared at me like I was the most amazing thing there ever was. I know because I have done this with my own children. I look at my three and the love I have for them is so significant that it seems impossible for it to be so common . . . parents loving their children. It is the greatest miracle.

To my mama and the guys who made me a mama, I LOVE YOU.


A few other thoughts about Mother’s Day.

For all the moms who have loved and lost, this is a tough day. For my own mama, who lost her 22 year old baby boy . . . there are no words that can comfort. While I know you’d never take a day of it back, I know it’s hard to celebrate this day. Even though your grief is strong, know that I celebrate you, I am thankful for you. Lewis once told me that he thought he’d marry a woman like our mom. That’s the kind of mom she is.

For all the other moms in my life- my sister in law, my mother in law, my friends, my aunts and cousins, you inspire me to be better. To have more patience, to be more thoughtful, to be strong, Happy Mother’s Day to you.

For my husband who worked so hard to make the day special for me and his mom (and we had a few hiccups in this department!), thank you for making every day easier and more fun. We’ve never needed each other more than we do now, as parents.



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