Beach Ready . . . sort of!

I don’t know about you guys, but I am ready for summer. I know I won’t feel this way for long but I am even craving the heat. Here are some things that I love for the beach.


Everyone needs a good beach bag, especially when you are carting around stuff for 5 people. I just got this Scout Bag for Christmas. I am hopeful it will hold up to the beating we are sure to put on it this year. I like that it has a reinforced rubber bottom and it is an easy clean fabric- just wipe and go. And bonus- This company is based in Georgetown. I always like to support local businesses. I purchased mine from the Charleston Angler Embroidery Boutique. I used to carry the largest size Lands End tote and it held up great but I couldn’t get it clean no matter what I tried. My sister in law just got the one featured below (interestingly, her initials are the same as this image I pulled off their website!). She was smart to opt for the darker colors, mine was cream and yellow.


This beach towel from Carve Designs is terrycloth on one side and sand resistant on the other. Unfortunately the company is no longer making them but you might be able to find it on ebay. The Parasheet is great for the beach or picnics. It’s made of parachute fabric and it packs up really small, whereas most picnic blankets are so large. This one has pockets in the corners for sand or you can stake it down.

You can’t go without a swimsuit! Here are three favorites.

Finding the right bathing suit is SOOOO hard! I am pretty much a one piece and tankini girl. I’ve worn the chevron and the one piece and LOVE them both. I just got the purple one with the cute crochet in the back and can’t wait to wear it. I am pairing both tankinis with plain black bottoms.

I always take a hat and PLENTY of sunscreen (I like the sticks for the kids faces). These are my two favorite hats.

Straw Hat and a classic trucker hat

And of course, life jackets for the kids. They wear them on the boat and the entire time we are at the beach. I can’t even tell you how many times little Luke has fallen in. I bought a Puddle Jumper to try for Luke this year. For younger kids, the kind with the flotation behind their heads is a must.


If you have any favorites or must haves, share them with me!

3onbeach.JPGThis picture was taken last summer. I can’t believe how much bigger everyone is! Elle is now crawling all over the place playing in the sand!

I don’t really get to read at the beach but I love to read after the kids go to bed. I am about halfway through Donna Tartt’s Goldfinch and I’m really enjoying it. What a crazy story. She is a fantastic writer, to weave a story like this one . . .


Happy Thursday!

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