Birthday weekend

My little Fleet turned six on Saturday. He is turning into quite the little man. He is smart, sensitive, creative and probably the characteristic that stands out most, interesting. He loves to torment his brother and has just started to have more attitude with his mama. He’s pure and honest and perfectly human. I want him to be treasured and cherished and while I know that not everyone will treat him this way, I hope he will come to realize as he grows up that he is worthy of that.

When I brought him home 6 years ago, I had no real idea about the adventure that was starting. Its the busiest, craziest, most fun and indescribably awesome adventure. I mean, look at these two??!!

I love Luke’s face here. He is always joyful when Fleet is.

He was probably about 1.5 years here.

We spent the weekend with the Joneses at Isle of Palms swimming, building sand castles and just having cousin fun.

She loved her little floaty. I think she will be spending a lot of time in this thing this summer.

We spent Sunday having a much needed relaxing day at the house.

Elle rode with Luke for a good 20 minutes. They were practically snuggling the whole time . . . which is a dream come true from Lukers. He is in LOVE with this girl.

That tuckered her out pretty good. I love this picture because she rarely falls asleep while eating anymore and one day, she won’t do it at all. Luke and I both stood around and just stared at her and smiled at each other, like two goofy kids who can’t believe our good fortune.

It was picture day at Luke’s school. I want to EAT HIM UP.

Garden Update

We’ve harvested lettuce, radish and squash. We’re planting cucumbers and beans as we pull the radishes up. Luke found these large cedar stumps. They smell amazing.

Porch update

Added some pillows, a quilt and candles. What do you think? Any tips? I need a decorator!


Happy Monday!




2 thoughts on “Birthday weekend

  1. Love your porch you don’t need a decorator! Looks like you know what you are doing. Things are always a work in progress and will most likely change throughout the year…


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