What’s been going on . . .

April is always a busy month for us. Luke is busy with work, we have lots of birthdays and our anniversary. This past weekend was our last free one for awhile. Here is what our weekend looked like . . .

Luke took the boys to the docking of Hokule’a, a 62 foot traditional Hawaiian Canoe, in the Charleston Harbor on Thursday. Luke’s grandmother’s family is from Hawaii so this was a fun way for him to connect to those roots and share it with the boys.


On Friday we went to the Charleston Outdoor Festival at the James Island County Park. We met some of the crew members from the Hokule’a and the boys created quilt squares that will be sewn into a quilt and given to dignitaries around the world as Hokule’a spreads the message of protecting our values and most cherished places.  Fleet’s picture is of the canoe, I thought he did a really good job.
We harvested a radish from our garden and little Luke exclaimed, “Mommy, never give that to me again!” The radishes were planted at his request . . . still, no surprise there! Fleet’s face says it all.

The boys love having fires. We still have a few christmas trees to burn.

I refreshed my flower pots. 
Here are a few other funny pictures from our week . . .  Ninja Dog

  Fleet is a true gangsta (all gangsters wear patagonia). . . he is rollin’ in the dolla bills ya’ll. . .  this cracks me up.

Can’t get her to keep anything on her head! This little hat was her brothers. Lewdog Lodge is my parents cabin.
I saw someone wearing a shirt that said, “Play together, Stay Together.” I have heard this quote before in various forms but it was such a good reminder. I can be so task oriented. I find a lot of fulfillment from accomplishing goals, big and small and even just checking off my to do list. Luke is much more “play” oriented than I am. I think this quote is relevant to us as a couple and to our family. Play is important, not just for toddlers. “Playing together” is just as important as anything else we have going on in our lives, and more so than most things.


Hope you find time to play with those you love this week! Love, Lauren



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